Size 10 – Feeling Great!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, as I have been making many changes to my life (as I vowed I would – see previous posts).

I’ve shared that 2014 would be the Year of the “New Year – New Lynn”. As such, I have currently reduced my weight from the original 257 lbs to 156.6 lbs – achieving this in only 8 months! A total loss of 101 lbs.  Losing weight has taken a Continue reading


Atkins – Good or Garbage?


Have you seen the “New!” Atkins frozen dinners that are becoming very popular?  I did, and it caught my attention because of the 23 grams of Protein, the “no sugar added” and low carbs.  (This is what I’ve been following for my weight loss success.)  Of course, I definitely bought a few!  This is a great product – right?  Or, is it garbage? Continue reading


New Year – A New Me!

2014 is certainly a New Year. A year which, I promised myself that I would make major positive changes in my life. And, quite honestly changes are happening!  I can finally see the changes. 

To date I have lost 80.8 lbs. 

skinny (That’s me in SKINNY JEANS!!!!)

Can you believe EIGHTY POUNDS LOST FOREVER!?  I’m proud that I have 44 lbs. left to reach my goal weight of 128.  I’m positive that I will reach my goal by July 25, 2014 as long as I keep up with my high protein, no sugar and low carb way of living.  On average this is 2 lbs. per week.

These changes include Continue reading

Dr. Oz and Biggest Loser

  • Have you seen these shows? My daughter, Megan (14) and I watched Dr. Oz one afternoon (after I took the day off of work). It was a great episode. Dr. Oz talked about a Japanese Tea which has so many health benefits. The process to make this tea is incredible, and as such it is not sold in tea bags and is not “tea leaves”. What you have is an extremely fine green powder – most probably as fine as baby powder.

Both Megan and I were really tuned into the process of making this tea and we were especially amazed by all the benefits this Macha tea offers!!


  • Speeds up Metabolism
  • Reduce Cholesterol levels when drunk regularly
  • Reduce Mental Stress
  • High Level of Antioxidants

Continue reading

January Challenges

I’ve had a lot of challenges this January. I have to figure out a way to reduce the hectic-ness in my life. I really don’t think that anyone can truly understand unless they are actually in my shoes and going through my day-to-day basis.

I  GAINED A WHOLE POUND!! Yes, I’m really disappointed, disguisted and mad at myself. However, when I reflect back and review my January Craziness… It’s not easy to keep a healthy “lifestyle” – and think healthy.

I’ve shared before… but, my working a full-time job which includes 40 hours a week. In addition to this 40 hour work schedule, my part-time job has been scheduling me another 32 – 39 hours. I’m honestly getting stressed, over whelmed and feel down. Continue reading


5 Month Update

Taken Dec 25, 2013

Taken Dec 25, 2013

  This is “me” today!  I’m weighing 179 lbs as of 12/25/13.  I’ve lost 78 lbs since my surgery! (Who would have ever imagined?!)  My goal is to be 130 healthy lbs.  I have 49 lbs to go!! (And, yes… time to change my hair!! A new me!!)

July 25 2013 Before Surgery

July 25 2013 Before Surgery

This is my “before” picture.  I was actually 242 lbs in this picture (just days before my surgery).  I knew that I was “big” – but now looking at this picture – I never realized just how big and bloated I looked. 

I knew that having this surgery was very important for my health. But, my goodness…  I look at this picture and …  wow! 

 If you’ve been a faithful reader of my blog – you are aware that my health was so very bad.  When you’re really big… you know it’s not good.  However, you never fully understand the extent of how bad it is.  When I had  had pneumonia – I was minutes from losing my life. (And, I was already in the year long process of obtaining weight loss surgery. – Thank God I had the surgery!)

I celebrated my 5 months post-op on December 25, 2013. How coincidental is that?

Not only did I have the very bestest Christmas with my family!! But, I thought to myself how fortunate I was to have been able to have bariatric surgery on July 25, 2013. A healthier life is what I was given!

More Energy This Holiday

Are you all ready for Christmas? (or the holiday that you celebrate?) 

For the first time in years, I’m actually almost done with all my shopping, including the stocking stuffer’s!  The tree is up and decorations are out!  Don’t faint!  And, to think that I’ve completed all this with working 40 hours at my full-time job and an additional 37 hours at my “part-time” job and 2 girls living at home, and almost no sleep! 

When I took a moment to really think about it.  What I discovered was I have more energy than I’ve ever had in years – upon years.  The energy, I believe comes from the Continue reading