Yea! or Nay? Vaseline’s Spray & Go

Have you tried Vaseline’s exciting new product called “Vaseline Spray & Go”? I couldn’t wait to test it out when I received a full sized 6.5 oz spray lotion complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes. 

It’s so easy to use and very convienent, too.  Heck, you can even Continue reading

I hate being FAT!

I hate the way my shirt clings to every protruding lump, I hate the way my ass strains to get free from the confines of my ever shrinking jeans, I hate the way I have to Continue reading

BelVita – What’s With This Funny Name?

When I opened that huge voxBox there was a little package tucked in the corner called “belVita” Breakfast Biscuits.   Honestly, not only did I never hear of this product, but the packaging did not appeal to me. Frankly,  I didn’t think I would like this strange named “biscuit”, called “belVita”.

However, part of joining “Influenster” is being Continue reading

Opening The Sugar and Spice voxBox 2013

I’m so excited as I’m opening the voxBox.  This box is jammed packed with actual full sized name brand products that I just can’t wait to use.  I will share each review of what I personally think about each product.  I’ll give you my candid comments on my Continue reading