BelVita – What’s With This Funny Name?

When I opened that huge voxBox there was a little package tucked in the corner called “belVita” Breakfast Biscuits.   Honestly, not only did I never hear of this product, but the packaging did not appeal to me. Frankly,  I didn’t think I would like this strange named “biscuit”, called “belVita”.

However, part of joining “Influenster” is being open minded and trying the products – if your lucky enough to be selected.  Both Influenster and the manufacturer’s look for our feedback in the interactive web-site  So…   I decided to bring the little Cinnamon Brown Sugar biscuits to work for my afternoon snack.

The belVita web-site says that they are made of “wholesome fine ingredients, like whole grained oats”. Each individual package has 4 thin biscuits inside that contain 18- 20 grams of whole grain. They claim it will sustain your energy level throughout the day.  3 grams of fiber to keep you feeling satisfied and some iron and 4 sources of vitamin B.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits

belVita Breakfast Biscuits

EXCITED TO TRY THEM YET?   I wasn’t either!

When I was hungry enough, I reluctantly tore open the package and took a bite…  I admit I was pleasantly surprised by the taste!

BelVita Biscuits are  delicious, light and crispy. I easily gobbled down all 4 breakfast biscuits and enjoyed each one.  I can’t  compare them to a cookie, possibly compared to those “tea biscuits” your grandma would enjoy with her afternoon coffee or tea, but much better.   Nevertheless, they were good and unlike a candy bar or actual cookie, I didn’t find myself quickly hungry either.
I admit that I really liked them, so much that I went out and bought 2 boxes. One flavor was the chocolate biscuits and the other box was the same flavor that came in my voxBox. By the way, I found there is an assortment of flavors to appeal to all different tastes. When shopping for these delicious “biscuits” you’ll probably walk right by them. Who ever designed the packaging needs to make a few changes  – but, they are definately worth buying.
I’m going to rate these a:     **** (4-1/2 Stars)
(Scale is 0 – 5 * Stars)