The Beginning…

This is my very first time blogging, so bear with me as I discover this whole new world.

The decision to blog was made 1 year after joining a web-site called “Influenster”. Influenster is a community of people of all interests who rate, review and provide feedback on products. My 19 year old daughter joined their site first and after actually seeing the benefits and bonuses of her receiving actual products to try in packages called “voxBoxes”, I was sold! (See picture)

Influenster does not guarantee that you will receive anything, so I did take that into account when I signed up.

Apparently from my experience someone is picked to receive a product or voxBox by your demographics, interests, age, and surveys you take. If your participation on their site is great and you fall within their specifications for that particular product (Im sure the products’ marketing department of the company also has their criteria) then your chosen! It’s the feeling of winning lotto!

And, I won!!! I’ve been so fortunate to have received their “Sugar N Spice voxBox” approximately 2 months ago. And OMG was I ever excited!!!

They notified me by e-mail and each and every day I’d hope my postman was delivering my voxBox full of products. Such excitement! In the next posts you’ll also experience the products and see and hear about what I received.

Since I definately have my opinions – and ask anyone I know! I’ll speak my mind – good, bad or funny… I will say it! Heck, I’m not just going to share about the products, but as I continue to blog I’ll give my opinion about the places I encounter that deserve a mention, any opinion or person I think deserves a comment!

Thus, “Lynn’s Blogg” begins…. As we open the box.