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I’m so excited to announce that “The Jungle Stand” will be awarding the LUCKY winner their very own box shipped directly to their home!
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The Jungle Stand – Delicious Treats

JungleWe had a fantastic experience opening our first “Jungle Stand” Box which they call a “BAR” .   My daughter, Megan came across their site through a U-Tube video.  When she told me about how we can actually tastes foods from all over the world it sounded exciting…  (and we all Continue reading


Support Me! Weight Loss Surgery

support_360_320As a weight loss patient, one of the most serious and commonly asked questions is: “Do you have a good support system?” Like everything else in this blog, I have decided to be bluntly Continue reading


Body By Vi – “What Happened?”

“What happened with Body By Vi? Since I have publically announced my decision to have weight loss surgery, I have been questioned about a product called “Body By Vi“. It appears that there are both the curious people who want to know and those people who enjoy hearing about personal failure. I’m writing this to give everyone my answer about “What Happened?”

bbv1Body By Vi is a nutritional shake for every day healthy nutrition and/or weight loss management. I accidently found this product 3 years ago (and a good thing). Let me explain! 3 years ago I had some medical and blood tests done, some of which resulted in finding out I was deficient in some vitamins, minerals and even protein. The doctor gave me a list of exactly Continue reading


Why Is Weight Loss Surgery Controversial?


Why are there so many people who want to “rain on your parade”? People who don’t want you to succeed with your goals?

Have you ever told someone you were on a diet or “eating healthy”? How did that go? I know first hand! I get people telling me that I don’t need to lose weight, “You look fine” (and, I could be 500 lbs!) Or, they say, “you’re doing it all wrong”.  These people think they Continue reading


My Weight Loss Surgery Date Is Scheduled

IT’S OFFICIAL! This is Real! My surgery date is scheduled for July 25th.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when my surgeon told me the date! OMG! My surgery is just a little more than a month away! That’s it! Just 4-1/2 weeks! I still can’t believe it. This is all coming to life! My life will change forever…

Now, looking back at the past 8 months of what felt like endless preparing (appointments with my Nutritionist, Specialists, blood tests, meeting with Support Groups and all the other appointments for approvals, etc.) no longer seem like a lifetime! It’s really here… This July 25th?!!

I have so much to say. I have so much to share right now! I will try to keep my thoughts together, and separate all these swirling thoughts it into different posts.  Oh my.

The "pouch" will be my "stomach".  The stomach is no longer useable - just hangs there!

The “pouch” will be my “stomach”. The stomach is no longer useable – just hangs there!

If anyone doesn’t know what a “Pre-op” appointment is, I will share briefly. This is that one (1) and only appointment left in which you meet with the Surgeon (Dr. “P”) and go over the surgery expectations and procedure. Yes, I said “SURGERY”.

Dr. “P” was great. He not only explained the surgery process, but Continue reading

Spring Fever voxBox! Yea Influenster!

I love being one of the “chosen ones” to receive voxBoxes by Influenster!   I was excited when I was selected for the “Spring Fever” voxBox! There is nothing more exciting influenster0than knowing a surprise box that is jammed packed with full size products for me to try (test) were on the way to my mailbox!  They never tell you what you’re going to Continue reading