Ever heard of: Dickinson’s Witch Hazel?

All the uses...

All the uses…

I recently received a box of Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel touched with aloe (free) complimentary from “Influenster” for testing purposes. The box has the individual packaged towelettes. Honestly, I was hesitant to try this product. I couldn’t figure out what I would use it for! Would you know?

I spent some time looking on the internet and found that there are an abundance of uses! Personally, I am still finding more and more reasons.  I found that after I wash my face to remove my make up at night, I open a towelette and do a once over with the Witch Hazel.  And, shocked to find that it takes off what the soap isn’t able to pick up (a toner)!

Other uses that I have found is that they are gentle enough to clean my dogs ears (and , oh boy! do they love it)! A good friend of mine uses these towelettes to soothe his razor burn. Sooths minor cuts & burns or bug bites.  And, my neighbor is now using the towlettes to wipe her cute little baby daughter’s behind when changing the diaper.  I love to share my products that I receive for testing purposes to others to see if they like it, or not.

Did you know that Witch Hazel is all natural, has surprising horticultural characteristics and has astonishing herbal properties?   Let me know if you also use this product.  I’d love to hear about other uses!


2 thoughts on “Ever heard of: Dickinson’s Witch Hazel?

  1. Hi Lynn.. I bought these and I love them to use on my face after washing to take off the excess makeup left behind.. It doesn’t strip natural oils from your face and is a natural disinfectant. I also use then to wipe off my cats feet/paws and it doesn’t make them sick.

    • Hi Tammy!!! Thank you checking out my blogg and for commenting! (Still learning how to blog).

      It’s great to know that you like them too! I’ve been using them ever since, too!

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