May’s IPSY’s Glam Bag

I just received May’s IPSY Glam Bag!  I’m so excited to look inside to see what I received!  But, let’s look inside:

I received:

  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel:   Mini Size:  approx. $12.00
  • Zoya Nail Polish:                Full Size:  Retails for $8.00
  • Yaby Concealer Refill:   Full Size:  Retails for $5.06
  • Mirabella Lipstick:           Full Size:  Retails for $22.00
  • Pacifica Perfume (Roll on):   .33 oz Size:  Retails for $12.00

How did I like my IPSY Glam Bag?   I’m going to give you my straight up, honest feedback!  Ready?


My first item was clear “Brow Gel“.  It was a small size.  I don’t use brow gel (sad face).

I was totally impressed with the full size bottle of the nail polish.  This was a frosted pink color.  I don’t like light colors (sad face).  I guess I need to change my profile!   (Thumbs up, because it was full sized)

The concealer was extremely small, the size of a dime.  Nevertheless, I tried it out and really liked it alot.  I noticed that it blended well, didn’t flake, and was moist as you cover under the eyes.  The color “buff” was a perfect pick!  (Thumbs up)

Now, the lipstick was great, too.  When I first looked at it I was disappointed.  It looked “clear”.  Yet, when I put it on it has a nice shine, is very, very moist and has a pearlish tint.  (Unfortunately, it was shipped damaged – read the “Note” below.)  (Thumbs up)

Finally, the “roll on” perfume ,”Island Vanilla” – it sounds wonderful.  I was so excited that I immediately rolled it on my wrist.  Oh boy!  YUCK!  I couldn’t stand it!!  It was a strong vanilla base with undescribable spices.  To make matters worse, it was very strong.  (And, I love perfumes.)  Now, just imagine me washing my wrist 1,000 times and I couldn’t get rid of the scent. Are you laughing?  My kids were!  (Thumbs down)

My overall impression: Good    I have since filled out a new profile and eliminated the perfumes, and hopefully change up the colors.  I did like the quality of the products overall. 

Note:   My lipstick was shipped damaged.  I contacted IPSY customer service and was very pleasant surprised!  Not only do they back up their products – they stated that they would shipping out another lipstick. EXCELLENT customer service!

Summary:   Good Value  I spent $10, including shipping.  I received $52.70 in products (sample and full sized).  Personally, I think it is “hit or miss” whether you will like some or all of your “Glam Bag”.  I did have fun, and will be giving it another try!

What will I do with the items I will not use and have not opened?   Check out the “Giveaway” tab…  you’ll see that there will be some amazing prizes, gift bags, complimentary products from Sponsors and more! 

A little information about IPSY:  IPSY is a monthly subscription service, that customizes your cosmetic items based on the fun and quick questionaire that you are requested to fill out.  (I like the fact that you can re-take this questionaire each month to change up the type of “Glam Bag” products and colors.)

Each “Glam Bag”  is custom designed by IPSY and inside you’re surprised with approximately 4 – 6 costmetic items specifically for you.  Some items are full-sized and some are sample sized.

From reading their web-site you can receive anything from lipsticks to nail polishes to perfumes and make-up tools.

IPSY starts the process with having you take the Beauty Quiz when you sign up as a member.  By changing your answers in the Beauty Quiz, it will influence the products you receive in your Glam Bags (e.g., different products or colors).  The monthly subscription is $10.00 which includes shipping and tracking information, plus you can cancel at any time.


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