A New Palmolive? Soft Touch

This review is about Palmolive Soft Touch Dish Detergent.


I received two full sized Palmolive Soft Touch Bottles complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes. The pink bottle was Vitamin E and the green bottle was Aloe. I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first. I mean, how could a dish detergent clean my dishes WHILE softening my hands?

After my 2 daughters (ages 19 and 14) and I tried Palmolive Soft Touch, we were all pleasantly surprised! I couldn’t believe how refreshed and soft our hands felt after the dishes were washed. My 14 year old loves washing with the Vitamin E (Pink), the consistency is on the creamy side compared to the Aloe (green), which was more similar to a “gel” . I like them both and they both smell fantastic! I would compare washing dishes with a wonderful bubble bath for the hands.pal2

You have to try them! Normally, with a regular dish soap, after washing a batch of dishes your hands need moisturizer. This is because the average dish soap dries out the hands, at least in my opinion. Palmolitive Soft Soap leaves your hands with a good refreshed feeling.

Both of these formulas are actually tough on dishes, which is very important to me. A little advice… You only need a small amount to clean a whole bunch of dishes. The way this product is concentrated one application on your sponge will go a long way!

Palmolive also has another Soft Touch formula with “coconut”. I can’t wait until shopping day so I can try this one out too. Have you tried the new “Soft Touch” from Palmolive? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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