Why Is Weight Loss Surgery Controversial?


Why are there so many people who want to “rain on your parade”? People who don’t want you to succeed with your goals?

Have you ever told someone you were on a diet or “eating healthy”? How did that go? I know first hand! I get people telling me that I don’t need to lose weight, “You look fine” (and, I could be 500 lbs!) Or, they say, “you’re doing it all wrong”.  These people think they are experts!  They say I’m on the “wrong diet” and they love to fill me in on what I need to do, eat or supplements to take!  One person even suggested I see a “hypnotist”.   (Like they all know what’s better for me!?) No matter what you do, you’ll DEFINATELY have the sabotagers. They are always out there.  For some reason, they think they’re helping us (yea right), they knowingly correct you with what you can’t eat (e.g., salads, the type of yogurt, chips, cake, etc.).  I love when they offer (and are pushy, too) you to eat what you are trying to eliminate from you’re diet! (“One piece of cake won’t make a difference!”  They don’t stop.

This group of people is what I call the “Nay-Sayers”. These are the people who don’t want you to succeed. What’s worse, they are usually the people you know and may love! They think they are helping, or supporting you.  They don’t know how to be supportive, I’ll never understand, and there is no reasoning with them, either.

p3OK! …  Now, I’ve finally announced to my family, friends, co-workers and the whole world (through my blogg), that I am definately having weight loss surgery, as I was just approved by my insurance. My surgery date is coming soon!  (I can’t wait!)

I knew it might be a controversial subject. I just never thought that my e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts would be full of many of these “Nay-Sayers”.  People who don’t agree with what I’m doing. I received messages that told me I would end up dead (because they knew someone who did), or that I would end up an alcoholic (yup, they knew people who became one after surgery).   (Note: I dont drink alcohol!) And, went on to say that I would end up even fatter or double the size than I am today. They said that I must have had an “image problem” because I’d resort to a surgery this outrageous. And, of course those that said food was my addiction, and no surgery would stop an addiction. These are only just a few of my messages!

p2I read each and every message. I loved that I reached so many people.  I wasn’t upset, hurt or scared. I knew posting to my blog would bring many reactions. I knew all about the “Nay-Sayers”! But, What they don’t know isME!

I’m well educated, smart, not intimidated and I do know what I’m doing! I know all about the Pro’s & Con’s (“the dangers”) of a serious surgery. I have considered everything and I and wouldn’t be undergoing this type of surgery  if I wasn’t 110% confident that I am doing what is right for ME.  This is not about vanity – this is about my health and my future.

I have one of those fantastic surgeons, which require that anyone who considers to be a weight loss surgery candidate to not only, be told upfront about all the possible dangers of surgery, BUT, what is required from you for the rest of your life after the surgery.  These excellent surgeons have you in touch with loads of information and resources.  They also require full involvement in long programs BEFORE they even consider you as a patient for surgery!  These programs are extensive and are 6- 8 months long or longer.  The programs include counseling, nutritionists, meeting with specialists, attending support groups with other patients who have had the surgery and hear their stories first hand. We are so well educated that we know not only the good, but, the bad and, yes, even “the ugly”.

p1I’ll never understand the people out there that want to crush other people’s success (dreams). I will say, that I am looking forward to my “big day”. I’m thankful for those people in my life (and through my blog) who are supporting me.  I’m looking forward to continually making positive changes in my life. Looking forward to a healthier me!  Looking forward to a future of being active and doing what I’m “handicapped” of doing today.

I now know,  I will DEFINATELY keep a blog devoted on my progress.  I will include the good, bad and ugly so that other men and women who are thinking about WLS (weight loss surgery) will learn from my experiences. I’d like to think that maybe I would give someone the courage or support they need to make the appropriate changes for their life, or to be sure they seek one of those amazing surgeons who totally prepare you.  No matter where you are in your weight loss goals…  I am here for you!  I look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE:  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners.

2 thoughts on “Why Is Weight Loss Surgery Controversial?

  1. I had several people tell me I was taking the easy way out. This has been far from easy! For the first two weeks after surgery, I was like, what the heck did I just do to myself?! But now, three months and forty pounds less later, it was all worth it. I’m excited to see how low I can go.

    • Congratulations! Making a serious decision to regain your life and you’re health by surgery isn’t easy! It’s hard not to listen what people say (my work atmosphere is all a gossip)… keep up the great work… And please keep sharing.

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