Body By Vi – “What Happened?”

“What happened with Body By Vi? Since I have publically announced my decision to have weight loss surgery, I have been questioned about a product called “Body By Vi“. It appears that there are both the curious people who want to know and those people who enjoy hearing about personal failure. I’m writing this to give everyone my answer about “What Happened?”

bbv1Body By Vi is a nutritional shake for every day healthy nutrition and/or weight loss management. I accidently found this product 3 years ago (and a good thing). Let me explain! 3 years ago I had some medical and blood tests done, some of which resulted in finding out I was deficient in some vitamins, minerals and even protein. The doctor gave me a list of exactly what I needed to buy and how much to take. Now, if you’ve ever purchased vitamins before… they become expensive! I needed to find a less expensive way! So, internet searching I went! I came across a web-site with a product called “Body By Vi”.

Don’t laugh, I thought the “Vi” standed for “Vitamins”. I read about this product which actually WAS full of vitamins, but also minerals and approximately 45% of the calories were protein! It also had low to no sugar, heart healthy, diabetic friendly and so much more. The ingredience matched my Doctor’s requirements! This website stated that if you drink “2 shakes a day, 1 meal and 2 healthy snacks you can lose weight”. O.K., now that I didn’t believe!

At that time, I remembered how I once did the “Slim Fast” thing (and almost every diet you can think of) and they didn’t work. Why would this be any different? “Seriously? However, my body needed the nutrients and I figured, “Why not”. I mean my body was deficient and if I drank those 2 shakes maybe my next lab results would turn out better, and if I lost a few pounds than… B-O-N-U-S! Right?


Most people I knew from home and work saw me drinking my shakes and me slowly losing weight. What followed was incredible! I actually lost close to 40 lbs. in a little over 4 months! Everyone was happy, I was excited, my doctor was thrilled (with my new blood results)and throughout those 4 months (to now) not only did I promote the shakes, but I began learning about what foods our body truly needs. I wanted to be healthier! I learned more about nutrition and wanted to help other people like myself who wanted to improve their quality of life.

I will always remember “Patty S”, she was the one who helped me with Body By Vi and nutrition. She would recommend ways for me to adjust what I eat, recommend excercize and help me promote a healthier way of life. One thing I remember most, after 3 weeks of following Body By Vi I no longer craved “junk foods”. While at Patty’s home (she is a full-time personal trainer and knows her stuff about excercize and a seriously healthy way of life) I asked her why I didn’t crave junk like I did before. Her analogy will always stay with me. She related it to a dogs behavior. If you feed your dog with the right foods, your dog will thrive. However, if your dog doesn’t get the right balance of nutrients it will eat its “shit”. As gross as that sounds, I had craved “shit” (junk) because I wasn’t consuming what a healthy body required. Once I began feeding my body the fuel it needed, I no longer ate “shit”.


So, “What happened” with my Body By Vi? My opinion of this product has not changed. The dietician I’ve been working with approves of these shakes. I drink 1 shake each morning to start off each day. When I don’t, I can feel a difference. I may no longer promote the shakes actively at this point, but I havent stopped. Actually, EVERY bariatric patient is required to drink protein shakes (like Body By Vi) for the rest of their life. I don’t plan to stop drinking mine!

“Why surgery if this shake is so great?”. Yup, another question I hear. Simple answer is… Drinking 2 shakes a day is not intended forever. It is a “tool” just like other weight loss plans, or methods. Just like Weight Loss Surgery! A tool is to help you get to a certain point, the rest is our decision to eat right.

I can say… by losing weight with this product 3 years ago and having the amazing support and education that I had, it opened a huge door in my life. I will be healthy! I will not stop until I do! I will lose all the weight I need, I have made many heathy changes already thanks to my experience with BBV, and WILL continue to make more. So, for all you failure seekers, I’m sorry, but there is no failure here.

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