The Jungle Stand – Delicious Treats

JungleWe had a fantastic experience opening our first “Jungle Stand” Box which they call a “BAR” .   My daughter, Megan came across their site through a U-Tube video.  When she told me about how we can actually tastes foods from all over the world it sounded exciting…  (and we all know I love trying new subscription boxes)!  

nikkiI CAN’T BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW EXCITED we were when we explored our very 1st box! What we received was much more than we expected.  The Jungle Stand’s web-site seemed to prepare us to receive very small “tastes”.  I thought smaller than the size of a cracker, yet they were larger – great sizes! 

jungle foodThe box was packaged very well… 6 individually packaged items to taste (separated with dividers), all with very different experiences, there was a cracker to cleanse your pallet, plus a full sized cardboard (chart) to show a picture of each “taste”, the name of what you’re tasting, the ingredience, some background information – also there were tips to get the best experience on some “tastes”! 

meggie Since The Jungle Stand has a monthly theme focus, our first stop was Tawain!!!  I loved that they had some information to create a bit of atmosphere!  I don’t know how or where they find these “tastes” (snacks), but they were authentic!  I have to say they even thought well enough to include the nutritional value!  And, to think… each month we get to sample different tastes from around the world…  I CAN”T WAIT UNTIL NEXT MONTH!   Wonder what next month will be!?

 The best part is that were able to affordably “taste” an experience what we would never have been able to; unless we were rich and could travel the world.

Cost:  $9.92 / Month including shipping!  (Worth the Price!)

What do you think about having samples from around the world?   Have you tried “The Jungle Stand”?  I’d love to hear your comments!


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