Only 25 Days! Weight Loss Surgery

Happy July 1st!  This is my SURGERY MONTH! YIPEE!! I’m so excited… I have to admit that I’m a bit stressed, too.

I’m sure you know why I’m excited… July 25th is my surgery! Only 24 DAYS away. Just Days! Wow! Here comes my new life, my new ME! Surprisingly, I’m not scared about having the actual surgery. I suppose some think I’m weird… not being worried about going “under the knife” for hours of surgery to have my insides cut up and rearranged. Yet, if you put me in a dentists chair… Oh God! S-C-A-R-E-D. Apparently, hospitals and surgery don’t seem to worry me. As I see it, I’m in great hands; I have an amazing surgeon and will be in a top hospital – And, let face it… I’m knocked out. Totally unconscious during the surgery. What’s to be scared of?

I’ve DEFINATELY been stressed. I have no idea if my 19 year old will be going away for the week to a family re-union with her father – or – decide to stay home and be with me for my surgery. I also have a 22 year old son who is most definately going to the family re-union with his dad. I guess I’d like them to be there for me, but they are grown up and need to make there own decisions.

I’m stressed because I’d like a female (possibly my 14 year old daughter) to be with me as I register in the hospital on the day of surgery and the nurses “prep” me for surgery. I need supporting people to be there as I’m wheeled away only to be awaken to pain.  PAIN?!

And there is all the thinking of all the prep work that still needs to be done before the 25th… there is so much to do! I just hope I don’t forget to do something. I don’t know about you, but it’s all very overwhelming… and only 24 days left! (And, the thinking about who may be there for me in the hospital?) I remember the days (many years ago) when I’ve been in the hospital alone… with no one. (But, that’s a whole different story.) I don’t want that. Who will be there to register with me and hold my hand during my “Prep” for surgery… who will visit… who will be there when I get home? All still “up in the air”. UGH!

Since writing my last post “Support Me!” – I made it a mandatory “read” for my loved ones… I have to say that each one was very positive after reading the post and each person has surprised me by actively making an effort to show some type of support that is needed. I’m so thankful. VERY THANKFUL!  Did I say, I’m thankful?!!

My daughter who is 14 went over my folder, then sat down to talk to me – which I sincerely appreciated. Yesterday, we also went shopping for a variety of different protein shakes to try before my surgery. (This was a great idea! This way, I know what I like best, so I can stock up after the surgery!)
Have any of you found any protein shakes that you recommend??

My oldest daughter who is 19 reviewed my folder and saw how stressed I was. She tried to break down all the tasks, a bit. I really loved when she came home from work with a grocery bag full of different types of flavored waters to try out. Since I won’t be able to drink diet coke anymore – and need to get my 64 oz of water in!! I have to figure out an alternative… and…now! So… thoughtful!

And, one of my best friends will definately take off any/all days off of work for whenever I need him, plus he’ll bring my 14 year old to the hospital and stay… I was impressed that he already made the arrangements with his work. I couldn’t thank him enough when he provided me with some spending money for the foods, supplements and protein drinks that I will need to have before/after surgery!

I’m sure the days will go by very, very quickly. I hope to hear from you… Would love some feedback on any tips or suggestions you can offer.


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    • On July 25th I will be in Hartford Hospital under going my surgery! By the way… Congratulations on your approval!!! Wooo Hooo!

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