Sunflower Seeds Free from Swaggable!


Have you heard of “Swaggable?”

Today’s Review:

“Hail Merry – Sunflower Seeds

(Salt n Black Pepper)

I received a FREE 1 oz bag of Salt n Black Pepper flavored sunflower seeds.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like the “Pepper” but the little hint of black pepper gave the sunflower seeds a bit of a kick!  They were not overly salty at all, which is great. I did enjoy them!  YUM!


The package states there is:  No Refined Sugar – Raw Oils and they are Rich in Omegas & Living Enzymes!  DEFINATELY A HEALTHY SNACK!

Have you tried these?  What do you think?

Do you belong to Swaggable??  If you haven’t already signed up for Swaggable I can send you an invite through my facebook account.  (They work through facebook only.)  Send me an e-mail and I will hook you up!  I have so much with fun with their on-line web-site.

They may send you natural / organic items to try out, sample or taste and review.  These are items that you “select” in advance and “hope” you get picked to try out!

What have you received from SWAGGABLE?


4 thoughts on “Sunflower Seeds Free from Swaggable!

    • Yes! Swaggable is not only FREE, but it works. The only thing is they send you sample sizes. There are other sites which I belong to that will send full sized products, as long as you review the products or be involved in the web-site.

    • I’m so excited for you!!! The samples do take a while to receive…. however, I love how often Swaggable will select you for items that you’ve pre-selected! I have 2 more on the way! (I’m following you! )

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