Farewell 5 Guys Burger & Fries


Farewell My Friend,

Its time to say goodbye. With just less than 22 days of beginning a new chapter in my life, I wish you well. You will always remain in my heart as my “5 Favorite Guys” (favorite Burger). I will never forget last night as I ate my very last and absolutely delicious, juicy, meaty, full of taste burger combined with those amazing potatoe-y fries. I savored each and every moment as I was reminded by my daughter, Megan (14) that this would be our last time.

So, with only days left I bid Farewell. A new chapter in my life will soon begin. I’m very much looking forward to a future of healthy eating, a life without sinful food as quick pleasures and instead going forward with new habits combined with excercize.

It’s hard to imagine that I’ll never see you again, but if we run into one another I will sit happily with my “5 Guys” with NO Burger or Fries! Instead I’ll join you with a prepared protein shake or nice cold drink of water. You’ll notice a new “Lynn” a thinner, younger, more confident and definately a much healthier Lynn.

It’s time to say “Good Bye”.