Udi’s House Party!

I can’t begin to express my thanks to both “House Party” and “Udi’s” for an amazing Party Pack that was delivered to my door step!  This box was jammed packed full – more than I could even imagine!udiparty

I was one of the 1,000 people who was able to have a “Boogie Your Buns” House Party… The purpose of this party was to have a great time while trying gluten-free Udi products with friends and family!  

My party pack was jammed packed with party give-aways which included wrist bands, seeds to plant, tattoes for the younger guests plus an Udi’s recycleable shopping bag (for my shopping experience), an Udi’s speaker (so we could “Boogie Our Buns”)and FREE coupons to not only get the Udi’s Buns for the party… but to hand out as give-aways, too!


I’ve since shopped for Udi’s Buns, Bagels, Muffin Tops and even their Pizzas.  Udi’s is Gluten Free!  The Muffin Tops and the Pizzas were delicious.  Now, the breads…  you need to get used to gluten free products.  It’s a whole different world, a whole different taste.  But, Udi’s definately has the BEST! 


Do you belong to House Party?  I’d love to hear your experiences!  Are you Gluten-Free?  I’d love to hear about your reviews and your comments on any Udi’s products.