HELP ME! Addicted To Diet Coke

“Hi!  My name is Lynn B and I am a Diet Coke-aholic!”

They say that the first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit that you have an addiction?  Well, I am addicted!! A full fledged addiction. I’m an addict!

diet coke

I absolutely LOVE the feeling of the sweet taste complimented by the extra ordinary fizzy bubbles, which go through the body…  the feeling of the fizz rushing throughout me, is a high in itself.  I’m in heaven.

It all started years ago when with just 1 can of Diet Coke.  Ironically, I disliked the taste and the fizz.  But, it was a 0 calorie drink – a way to lose weight.  (It worked – for a while.)

One can grew to approximately 1-2 cases a day of 12 oz cans.  I admit, It’s horrible, but at that time the taste grew on me with each pound that I lost.

I quickly graduated to the “hard stuff” …  the 20 oz icy cold bottle of pure fizz!  One sip is so exhilarating – only the bottle can give you this immediate rush!  That first sip the fizz is so extreme, I can feel it coursing throughout my whole body. I love the feeling and, cant do without.

I can identify with an alcoholic or drug addict…  I am a Diet “Coke” addict!!!

I admit it, I carry my 20 oz bottle with me everywhere I go.  I even carry it in my pocketbook for a quick fix!  No matter where I am I have access to my 20 oz bottle… And when I run low, I rush to the nearest store for more.

diet coke1

My surgery is in less than 8 days…  Yes… E-I-G-H-T Days!!!  

I’ve actually weaned myself down to only one 20 oz bottle a day.  I actually thought this was such an accomplishment! But, the reality…  I’m sweating with fear! I’m in panic!

My gastric-by-pass new “tummy” will not tolerate this drug of choice.  I will hurl over in severe pain with just a little tiny sip of fizz…

I will have to go “Cold Turkey”!  HOW!?? And, then comes the withdrawal.  How will I survive?!  How do I get through this?

I need help!  I need suggestions!  I have to do this! Where is “DCA” (Diet Coke Anonomous) when you need it most? Help me!