Liquid Diet Begins – Day 1


There is only 7 days left…  and counting down quickly.   I’ll be on the operating table having my gastric-bypass surgery.

Ultimately, I don’t know if I’m excited, scared or nervous.  This is the “real” step towards the countdown…And, I still have so much to do!  What do I bring to the hospital?  Get a scale that works!  What do I wear home?  What do I need to have when I get home (Food/drinks)?  Fill my prescriptions!  Fill out short-term disability forms (will they approve?)….  My heads swirling!

Anyway…  my liquid diet starts!  So, far it actually hasn’t been that bad.  However, I’m trying not to think about it, trying to take each day one at a time.  ha ha 

I guess overall, I’m pretty lucky since my surgeon recommends that the “liquid diet” is for only 7 days; which includes drinking 3 – 4 protein shakes each day.  I’ve heard other patients with 14 to 21 days of a liquid diet!!!  YIKES! 

Additionally, if I’m hungry his office allows “up to” 1 cup of steamed fresh vegetables (a day) AND either 2 hard-boiled eggs OR 3 oz of white meat chicken OR a 6 oz lite yogurt.  (I’ll be boiling eggs tonight!!)

As for protein shakes…  I purchased a few different brands and flavors to make sure I’ll be able to stick to the liquid diet.  I’m so glad that the surgeon’s office provided me with a list of protein shakes that are recommended for any “gastric” bariatric patient.  These shakes are at least 55 – 80% protein.  (I will eventually post a link to the this list, for anyone’s reference.  It’s quite good!)

I’d love to hear about your protein intake after surgery, how you got through your 7 days, the type of protein shakes you recommend, and any suggestions!! 



8 thoughts on “Liquid Diet Begins – Day 1

  1. Getting down to the wire!! I’m on a preop diet also (14 days here). So far what seems to be getting me through is spacing my shakes about 3 hours apart and between that time chugging water. I use sugar free water flavor drops to make my water a treat and not such a thorn in my side to chug 64 oz and I also chew sugar free gum. My mom had a gastric bypass last year and the shakes she has most often are Isopure and Premiere Protein. As you try different proteins let us know what’s good!

    • Thanks for sharing your suggestions – I actually went out to do the same as you. I also found a tea that I’m in love with!!! When’s your surgery date?


      ps I love your blog!

      • You’re very welcome and thank you!! I look forward to your posts also. My surgery date is July 31st. What type of tea do you drink? I’ve given up my coffee and if it’s a decaf tea I could have it without sugar 😀

        • I will be a few days out of the hospital – as you check in! Hollar if you need anything… twitter, fb or txt me. Are you allowed to use Splenda? (I am) There are 2 teas (which I’m going to post), but they are Lemon Zinger & Tangerine Orange Zinger Herbal Teas by Celestial.

          • I’ll have to pick up one of each of those! I’m not sure I can have Splenda now but in the future for sure. It’s great hearing from others going through the same process. I’m not on twitter (I refuse lol) but I do have an Instagram, same username.

      • Thank you. I’ve heard about this. Hard to believe post-surgery. However, I’m equipped with a variety of shakes (different brands, different flavors) for after surgery. I may seem nuts to my family… but, I’m prepared!! (I also didn’t want to do any reviews on the shakes based on what you shared.)

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