Support Groups for Weight Loss Surgery


OK, my “bariatric” friends…  I’d love to hear your feed back. 

Do you have a Weight Loss Support Group in your area that you attend?  If so, how many people are in attendance?  How often do they meet? 


I Googled “Support Groups” in Connecticut last night.  I wasn’t happy with the results.  What appeared to me is that all the top Surgeons/Hospitals have (LARGE) support groups (which is great). Right? 

Not really….there are approximately 4-5 groups in the whole state of Connecticut!  This is a ridiculously small amount of groups with a…..   huge attendance – I mean H-U-G-E attendance!

At the monthly support group held through my hospital/surgeon’s group I try to attend.  There are well over approximately 100-250 people in attendance.  As a result, I’ve found that people aren’t able to get to know one another on a personal basis.  Heck, you’re lucky if you recognize anyone! As for asking questions…  “forget about it!”

I do like that this support group has several bariatric nurses, a speaker and 1 or 2 patients who speak about their experience through the journey and is very organized.

I don’t like that I can’t reach out to anyone.  There are just too many people.  It’s really impossible to really get to know anyone, be there for someone (or someone support you).

I think we need a bit smaller groups… more intimate, maybe.

There are so many organized groups out there AA, NA, (ok… food isn’t an addiction, right?)…  So, I’ll compare it to the zillion other support groups which you can find in the newspaper. Most of which all have some type of system where there are sponsors.  

imagesCAGW520HA great number of these groups that have a chain of people (10-50) who help each other through the journey, the scary or unknown moments (before or after surgery) and share experiences – they are there for each other (supporting). Some of these have a hook up group on Facebook to get immediate support, too.

There are a few Support Groups on Facebook.  I belong to various of these groups.  One group, in particular is very active and very supportive.  I don’t know what I would have done without them yesterday (anxiety). 

We need more support groups out there!!  Churches, organizations, Dr. offices or friends….  please help to support us!  We’re looking for you!