Protein – Bariatric Approved

There is a variety of drinks to get protein into our daily diet.  Anyone with bariatric surgery knows how important it is to get at least 60 – 70% of protein daily.  Protein shakes become a way of our life.

Here is a list which is recommended by the “Center for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery”, Hartford Hospital, Yale Hospital and my Surgeon’s office. 

(If you need me to mail you a copy it will include the protein source, if it contains dairy/lactose, gluten, or soy and the sweeteners used….  please e-mail me with your address or fb/tweet me!)

(The variety is great…  something for everyone!  I will be sharing my reviews on each one as I try all the choices!  You will then see links to click.  I’d love to hear your feedback!)


**Atkins Advantage:  15g Protein/160 Calories/2g Carbs/11 oz

**EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control: 10g Protein/110 Cal/4 Carbs/11 oz

**EAS Myoplex Carb Control:  25g Protein/150 Cal/5g Carbs/11 oz

Isopure Zero Carb: 15g Protein/60 Cal/0g Carbs/6 oz

**Muscle Milk Lite:  15g Protein/160 Cal/3g Carbs/14 oz

Pure Protein:  23g Protein/120 Cal/4-6g Carbs/12 oz


POWDER DRINK PRODUCT – (Mix w/ Water Only!)

**Bariatric Advantage:  27g Protein/160 Cal/8g Carbs

Body Fortress Super Advanced: 30g Protein/130 Cal/2g Carbs

BeneProtein by Nestle Nutrition:  6g Protein/25 Cal/0g Carbs

BioTrust Low Carb:  24g Protein/150 Cal/8 Carbs

Jay Robb Enterprises Egg White Protein:  24g Protein/120 Cal/4 Carbs

**Muscle Milk Protein Lite:  23g Protein/100 Cal/0g Carbs

**Spiru-Tein Simply Natural:  14g Protein/80 Cal/5g Carbs

Sunwarrior Brown Rice Protein:  25g Protein/80 Cal/5g Carbs

UNJURY Protein Powder:  20g Protein/100 Cal/4g Carbs

Vega Sport Performance:  25g Protein/120 Cal/6 Carbs

** is a Meal Replacement

**Meal Replacements – these shakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals and may be used in place of a full meal.


  • Calorie, carbohydrate and protein amounts listed are based on the drink or powder as is (or mixed with water or ice).
  • It is recommended to mix powders with water.  If you add milk, juice or fruit the calorie and carbohydrate content will increase.
  • Milk also adds protein (8 grams per cup)
  • Powders are typically intended for use as a drink.  However, many powders may be added to other foods (oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc.) to increase protein content.

Which ones have you tried?  Which do you recommend?  We’d love to hear your reviews!

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