Tangerine Orange Zinger – In Love!

I wanted to shout from the roof top about an amazing flavored herbal decaffeinated Tea that I came across (on accident)!  Keep in mind….I’m not a tea person.  This tea is AMAZING! 


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about Celestial Tangerine Orange “Zinger”!   I don’t know if I would have gotten through the first few days of my liquid diet without this tea.  Everywhere I go, I have my plastic “hot cup” filled with this amazing tea.  I enjoy it hot or cold!

I really was so fortunate to be offered a flavored “bariatric friendly tea” at the Research Program that I’m apart of… (click here to read about Research Study).  And, to think I may not have tried it only because I really don’t like tea! 

When I first took a sip of this tea…  it was full of a lightly SWEET ORANGE flavor.  No wonder it is called “Zinger”.  It’s magical and makes your mouth dance!  he he   It’s just so full of flavor!  I even had to ask for a 2nd cup…  I loved it so much!

So guess what I did?  I ran to my nearest grocery store and prayed they had this on their shelf!  I knew with this tea, I could definitely keep my liquid pre-op diet on track….  and, also get my 60 oz of clear liquids in after my surgery, too! 

Guess what I found at the store?  They not only carried the Tangerine Orange Zinger, but Lemon, too!  (Plus, they also have Berry Zinger, Raspberry Zinger and Cranberry Apple Zinger!)

If you’ve already been through a pre-op or post-op diet for bariatric surgery then you know how important it is to find “liquid beverages” to drink and actually enjoy.  I

f you’re not a bariatric surgery patient… then you should already know how important water is to our bodies – we don’t seem to get enough.  This counts as a water!

I highly recommend the “Zinger” both Orange & Lemon.  I have yet to try the others…  I’d love to hear if you have tried any of these.  What do you think??