Only 2 Day Until Surgery!

Can you believe I started this journey 8 months ago?  In only 2 days I will be on the operating table!  Just 2 days.  My whole life will change. Everything I eat will have consequences… and some pretty serious immediate consequences.  It won’t be like before.  Just this Thursday I’ll be given a “new life”.  

We all know I’ve already been through my “Anxiety Breakdown“, which was the day “reality set in”.  I’m having no problem surviving the 7 day liquid diet although the first 2 days were hell!   I’ve finally eliminated Diet Coke altogether, which was the hardest to overcome (I was a “Diet coke-a-holic”). I am ready.

It was a hard decision to post the “before” picture of the “real me”.  (This is me today.)  I couldn’t decide between a bikini shot or in me in cloths.  (I look better hiding everything with cloths).  I decided the bikini shot was much more than I could “bare” (ha ha – I made a joke).  


  Sooooo, here I am….   My highest weight was at 256 lbsToday I’m weighing in at 235 lbs and beginning to show curves!  The loss of weight is contributed to my Nutritionist (and my willing to adapt) AND definately the 7 day liquid diet.  Together, both have helped me lose a total of 21 lbs prior to my surgery (and I have 2 more days to go)!  I’m excited about the 21 pound loss!!  

I have to admit, I look at the scale in disbelief… and quite honestly, I don’t believe the scale.  The numbers seem too low.  It’s trying to fool me…  I think I’m going out to buy a new scale tommorow!  I just can’t trust this scale.  It just can’t be me…  right?  Anyone else ever feel this way?!

My goal weight is at 130 lbs.  I’m actually 5′ 4″ and have a small frame.  The recommended weight for me is 110-115 lbs.  I truthfully hope to go below 130 just a bit, but I’m already 49 years of age, have had 3 kids and I don’t believe it is realistic. 

However, 130 lbs!  OMG!  I can’t even imagine!!  I would LOVE to be 130 lbs!  (Who wouldn’t at my age!)  I set this “realistic” goal with my Doctor and Nutritionist for quality health.  (My health is not very good!!!) 

Personally, I think that I’m going to have to work my “butt” off (seriously – the butt…. he he)…  I’m going to have to find a way to learn and enjoy excercizing on a daily basis and push through my medical limitations that I currently have.

Would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions??


One thought on “Only 2 Day Until Surgery!

  1. You mentioned having to learn to enjoy exercising. I think you’ll find it a pleasant surprise how easy that eventually becomes. I look back to when I was at my biggest and just the thought of getting up and moving was excruciating. My knees were hurting and I just had no energy. I’m post surgery, and while my weight loss is slower than I wanted it to be, holy cow it’s amazing how great it feels to get out and move. It goes from being dreadful to looking forward to it more. I know that’s not always the case for everyone. Just remind yourself you’ll be seeing through a different set of eyes and from a more energetic perspective. Congratulations on how well you’ve done already – the success you show now is a great indication of how well you will do afterwards.

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