5 Week Post-Op Update

Hi everyone!  I wanted to just check in and let you know how I’m doing and what I’m doing at 5 weeks Post-Op (after my gastric by-pass surgery)!

First, there are days when I feel like I didn’t even have the surgery.  I feel great.  Normal.  No more pain from gas or sensitivity in the incision area.  But, I am reminded when I eat wrong and become sick.  Overall, I’m doing amazing.

Second, I’m on the “Soft Food” Stage.  What this means is that I can’t eat a steak or chicken yet… but, I can eat ground chicken, ground beef, very thinly sliced low-salt deli Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef or Cheese.  Plus, Continue reading


Surgery Is Improving My Life

It’s true!  Gastric By-pass Surgery is actually making a physical difference in my life. The surgery has given me a new lease on my life, and this is only the beginning of my journey.  I’m doing things physically that I would not have been able to do a month ago, a year ago or longer. lynnkdis

 While I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am a little frustrated that I haven’t lost more than the 20 lbs since my surgery.  I honestly have to admit that over the last few weeks I have noticed impressive and substantial changes in my life.  I thank God for these changes.  I’m actually amazed!  I didn’t realize how quickly these changes would occur!  I lived what seemed a life time in pain. I’m now able to walk without pain in my joints or back, my back is no longer always in excruciating pain (whether sitting or walking), I can walk up my 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment without stopping at each level for a rest, my asthma has improved dramatically, I’m able to physically “work out” (which I didn’t think was possible) and other changes too!  This is a really BIG DEAL!  I’m so thankful that I had this surgery!  I can only imagine what my future holds!

Last Thursday, Continue reading


Excercize! What is Too Much?

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that since the beginning of week 3 Post Op, I have been going crazy exercising.  Not only that, but I signed up for a fitness center and… a 12 month committment to a Personal Trainer! 

I’m happy to say that I have made at least 6 days in a row to excercise and I’m so proud of myself.  I’m changing my life in the right direction!

However, I found out something very interesting!  My friend who had Lap-Band Surgery several years ago was surprised that I was working out so much.  She urged me to check with my Surgeon to make sure that at 3 weeks Post-Op I was Continue reading


Ouch! My Pouch!

Initially, I have to say… “TODAY I’M BACK TO WORK!!!” It feels great to be back to work. (Now, I can focus on my posts during my lunch time and breaks! ha ha ha ha) I also have to say, that I was disappointed that no one even noticed that I lost weight! I’m a size smaller… and, not one word. And, you wonder why I’m “Paranoid” about my slow weight loss. Read my post here.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I no longer have a stomach. (See post about Gastric by-pass surgery.) My stomach was detached during my surgery. Now all I have is… a “pouch”. The pouch is approximately the size of an egg. Imagine for a moment the amount of food that could fit inside of an “egg”?

With all of that said, I’ve been having some difficulties when Continue reading


Obsessed or Paranoid? 3 Week Surg-a-versary

Yesterday was my official 3 week surg-a-versary! Can you imagine…  it was only 3 weeks ago that I was on the operating table getting my gastric by-pass surgery? While it is such a short time ago; it feels like almost forever.

At 3 weeks I can “officially” eat “soft foods”. Now, it isn’t as bad as it sounds!  Since, I’m focusing on the proteins here are a few examples… ground chicken or ground turkey or luncheon meats from the deli (turkey, chicken, roast beef and cheese) all sliced very thin and must be low salt. I can live with this!  I actually feel like I’m eating “real food” again!  There is the normal (or typical) soft foods too… e.g., yogurt, eggs, etc.

I’m very lucky! My “pouch” (I don’t have a stomach anymore.  It’s kind of weird to say “pouch”) is Continue reading


2 Weeks Post Op – And 32 lbs Lost

Can you believe it’s been 2 weeks since my gastric bypass surgery? Plus, I’ve lost a total of 32 lbs. I’m down a whole shirt size and my pants are very loose! Actually, it’s hard to believe it’s real.

At this point, I’m feeling o.k. I have some days were I am going good, other days where I just can’t drink or eat, other days where my very limited “soft food” diet is not sitting well (e.g., throw up), and others where I am so very weak that I truly feel that I will faint. Those very weak days I’m either sleeping or if I’m able to get up – will not go on my daily walk. (Yes, I take a daily walk! It’s not much, but more than I ever did.)

I was told at my 2 week check-up that these feelings are all normal. And, will go away once my new stomach heals more… Then, I hope to be able to take in 60-80 grams of protein every day! I sure hope this happens sooner than later.

My biggest problem is Continue reading