2 Weeks Post Op – And 32 lbs Lost

Can you believe it’s been 2 weeks since my gastric bypass surgery? Plus, I’ve lost a total of 32 lbs. I’m down a whole shirt size and my pants are very loose! Actually, it’s hard to believe it’s real.

At this point, I’m feeling o.k. I have some days were I am going good, other days where I just can’t drink or eat, other days where my very limited “soft food” diet is not sitting well (e.g., throw up), and others where I am so very weak that I truly feel that I will faint. Those very weak days I’m either sleeping or if I’m able to get up – will not go on my daily walk. (Yes, I take a daily walk! It’s not much, but more than I ever did.)

I was told at my 2 week check-up that these feelings are all normal. And, will go away once my new stomach heals more… Then, I hope to be able to take in 60-80 grams of protein every day! I sure hope this happens sooner than later.

My biggest problem is that the protein shakes I once loved… My new stomach doesn’t seem to digest them. I get extremely ill and usually end up throwing the little bit I drank up. Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

We don’t know if it’s the type of protein, the type of dairy, type of ? We just can’t figure this out. So, right now all the variety of shakes that I have, will just have to wait. I’m going to hold off for a few weeks and try to have my new stomach heal and try using other sources of protein.

Keep in mind… For any gastric bypass patient protein drinks is paramount in our lives. Our daily intake of protein must be 60-80 grams because the absorption rate is very low. Without protein at this level our hair will literally fall out, plus other nasty side effects. (I’m keeping this real!)

At my appointment, my Doctor also gave me a list of vitamins that I have to buy and start taking on a daily basis. It’s a long list!! Again, because this surgery has a very low absorption rate of… nutrients, protein and even fat from the foods we consume … We have to add vitamins/minerals into our daily routine.

An idea of what I need to start taking is: 2 daily multi-vitamin/minerals (taken in am & pm), 60 grams of iron, 2,000 IV Vitamin D, 1000m B12, 1000mg calcium (taken twice a day). What happens if we don’t take our vitamins? We will be hospitalized. Worst case scenario is death, prior to that a blood transfusion for healthy blood. Guess I’ll need a part-time job to pay for all this! Lol

The fun part!!! I put on my shirt today… And, it looked big! Yes! Big! I really couldn’t believe I was down a size! Let’s face it. I’ve been on how many diets… Eating healthy for how long? Well, I put on one of my old favorite shirts in XL and IT FIT!! I was really excited. This means my gut is shrinking!

I didn’t want to test my pants to see if I’m a size smaller in my butt too. Didn’t want to be disappointed! For now, my pants are very loose and I have a smaller top.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any bariatric protein easy recipes.



2 thoughts on “2 Weeks Post Op – And 32 lbs Lost

  1. Congrats on your weight loss Lynn!! Sorry to hear your shakes are making you sick though :(. Do you make them with skim milk? Try water or soy milk. Have you tried Isopure Dutch Chocolate, Cellucor Vanilla Creme, or Premiere Protein in chocolate or vanilla? Those are all i’ve had since I’ve been home and they’ve been sitting well in my pouch but I know everyone is different. My first full day home I was dumping because I tried some greek yogurt!! Anywho, one other tip for the shakes is to make sure they’re thin. Thick shakes seem to make me like…eck lol. Even though preop I was just the opposite. Also make sure you’re not drinking the foam if you’re making them in a blender. Gas bubbles upset the tummy too. I hope you find something that makes you and your pouch happy!

    • Thank you for the tips…. I’ve stopped shakes for a bit. However, now that my pouch is handling food I will try a large variety of shakes (incl. the ones you mentioned) and see what my pouch likes.

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