Ouch! My Pouch!

Initially, I have to say… “TODAY I’M BACK TO WORK!!!” It feels great to be back to work. (Now, I can focus on my posts during my lunch time and breaks! ha ha ha ha) I also have to say, that I was disappointed that no one even noticed that I lost weight! I’m a size smaller… and, not one word. And, you wonder why I’m “Paranoid” about my slow weight loss. Read my post here.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I no longer have a stomach. (See post about Gastric by-pass surgery.) My stomach was detached during my surgery. Now all I have is… a “pouch”. The pouch is approximately the size of an egg. Imagine for a moment the amount of food that could fit inside of an “egg”?

With all of that said, I’ve been having some difficulties when eating. You see, when I eat I don’t have the feeling I once did when I had a stomach. My little pouch and I aren’t quite understanding each other yet! I don’t know when I’m supposed to be “full” until “OUCH!!!!” For some reason, feeling full seems to come much too late. It’s very hard to explain if you haven’t had this surgery. But, I will try since I want to educate and share my experience with you!

Think of the size of a Chicken Tender! Well, if I ate 1 Chicken Tender (and chewed my food to mush) than I would be o.k. However, if I ate a second Chicken Tender it is much too much food for the pouch. To the point that I am in horrible pain under my left breast. This is from the pouch being over loaded. But, the thing is…. I don’t know while I’m eating that I’m “GETTING” full. I can’t feel that…. or…. at least not yet. Sometimes, I’m a little scared to eat. Scared I will hurt. Scared I will over eat. Scared I will under eat. Scared I will throw up from feeling disgustingly full from a few tablespoons of food.

It’s all a matter of learning about my new little “pouch” and becoming friends. ha ha Sounds funny, but this is true of many of us. It’s growing pains… ha ha But seriously… there is a big learning curve. If I do not chew my food into tiny mush – almost pre-digested pieces, I’m risking some pain or throwing it up. Remember, that since the stomach is detached and part of my intestine is no longer being used. My stomach no longer has enough acids to be able to “digest” my food on its’ own. Which means my mouth needs to do most of the work! I can’t begin to tell you how easy it is to accidentally eat without thinking – and then not chew my pieces real small and get sick later.

Along with the learning curve is not drinking a half hour before or after eating. The reason for this is two-fold. First, not to fill up the pouch with liquids but most importantly, it is not to wash away the food in my pouch. This is so I can absorb some of the nutrience from the food.

In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of learning – the hard way! Ouch! My Pouch! There is so much thinking to this new way of life. A life of a healthier and thinner new me!


2 thoughts on “Ouch! My Pouch!

  1. I totally get it! I don’t know I’m full until I feel food at the back of my throat. It’s not painful but it is uncomfortable. We will get used to our pouches soon! Congrats on being back to work.

  2. I never get that! I use my timer every time I eat. 5 mins in between each bite or 10 if I have meat. it usually takes me 45 mins to eat 1 cup of food and then i start to feel full. I sucks cuz sometimes I get full before then and stop then and still have food on my plate and was always taught that you eat VERY thing on your plate and not to waste food. It’s hard for me to throw it away but I have to or I will continue and make myself sick.

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