5 Week Post-Op Update

Hi everyone!  I wanted to just check in and let you know how I’m doing and what I’m doing at 5 weeks Post-Op (after my gastric by-pass surgery)!

First, there are days when I feel like I didn’t even have the surgery.  I feel great.  Normal.  No more pain from gas or sensitivity in the incision area.  But, I am reminded when I eat wrong and become sick.  Overall, I’m doing amazing.

Second, I’m on the “Soft Food” Stage.  What this means is that I can’t eat a steak or chicken yet… but, I can eat ground chicken, ground beef, very thinly sliced low-salt deli Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef or Cheese.  Plus, Eggs, Refried Beans, Greek Yogurts and my Protein Shakes (to name a few). 

Third,  I’m trying to hard to get in enough protein.  I have to admit, I stopped counting how many grams/ounces I’m taking in each day.  I am supposed to get in 50 grams (or ounces?) of protein a day!! 

At first, It was discouraging since protein shakes and my pouch weren’t getting along.. and then, “IT’S NOT EASY” to figure out how many grams of protein are in 3 Tablespoons of ground chicken with spices.  How do you measure this?  If anyone has any suggestions…  I need your ideas!

Fourth,  My liquid intake is doing great!  I know that I’m getting in my 50 – 64 oz of water in a day.  I’m actually drinking lots and lots of unsweetened ice tea (love Dunkin Donuts unsweetened tea) and I add some Splenda or Equal.  I keep my large cup with me all day.  When I run out, at home I have pre-made tea and when I’m out I carry around my little bottle of “Liquid Enhancer, Sweet Tea” to squirt in to give my water some flavor.

Fifth,  My 2 daughters and a good friend, Mitch are still there supporting me, in addition to a friend via txt that had WLS years ago and was successful; but the support is now different and I love it.  They have no idea how much there support means to me and to the outcome of my success!  I am truly so thankful that I have this support!  I really do not know what I would do without them! 

I will finally vent too!  (I’ve always said I’d be real, right?)  I’m also so hurt too.  I had an amazing friend…  we’ll call her “L” and we’ve been friends since Middle School.  When I told her about the surgery she was great and when I was finally approved and got my date – she went as far as to tell me she would mark it on her calendar!  I was so very touched!  I mean this friend is like a “soul sister”. 

However, my surgery date came….  no call.  no text message, no call to my kids, no communication whatsoever.  Not even a post on my facebook (where she is on daily).  She knew I had the surgery – I posted it!  I never heard from her.  Finally, days or weeks went by and after never hearing from her – I sent her a text message about how hurt I was.  I wanted to cry.  I needed her.  But, the response I received only slapped me in the face.  First her excuse was “she doesn’t know anything about my surgery” (neither did my kids or Mitch) and then when I shared some words with her she gave me some odd quote.  Which to me meant, “whatever”.  I haven’t heard from her since. 

Why are friends so hard to have and keep?  Why do they hurt?

Sixth,  I did go back to work on August 17th (Saturday), so that truly was an adjustment.  I had to figure out new times to eat, what to bring to work to eat, ways to make sure my water intake was where it is supposed to be and of course try to find time to excercise.

Seventh,  I’ve been doing great exercising. (I think!)  I will admit the week that I went back to work did create a little problem with me finding time to get to the gym.  But, since I’m paying for this Gym and especially the Personal Trainer…  I had to quickly figure out exactly when I would get my butt back into the gym. 

Plus, I’m scared of the “extra skin” that many of “us” weight loss surgery patients have hanging from their stomach, off their arms, etc.  That I’m devoted to doing what I can to get in shape, and hopefully most of my skin will follow! 

I will share with you that, I think my Personal Trainer thinks I’m some Olympic Athlete…  he is going to kill me. (I’m exaggerating here.)  He just doesn’t understand how us fat people can’t do as much as others.  However, I’m not going to make excuses!  (He has helped many people, and been doing this for years)…  But, as I’m getting by “butt” killed by him…   all I think about is the men and women on “The Biggest Loser” and how much they excercise and what they go through!  If they can do it for hours upon hours every day.  I can surely be “beat up” for 1/2 hour with my Trainer.  (And, yes… sometimes he pushes me so much I want to throw up.)  This is good!  He’s pushing me past my comfort zone. 

And Finally,  Here is my complaint!!!  In 5 weeks I am at 214.8.  Yes, I only lost 21 lbs total.  I don’t know if this is great or not.  I do hear other Weight Loss Patients that lose so much easily and quickly than what I’m losing.  I feel like I’m working my “ass” off for this and the weight just isn’t coming off. 

I’m actually going to see an Endocrinologist to see if there is anything with my hormones, thyroid or whatever that may be slowing my weight loss down – but, I would think that my Bariatric Surgeon did all that in the blood tests he ran?  I don’t know… do you?

However, in the full scheme of things…  5 weeks ago I would never been able to do the things that I am doing now!  I would still be drinking diet soda, eating high fat products, food with sugar and not exercising.  I would still have a back that would be so painful – even if I was sitting.  My ankles and legs would still be so swollen that I couldn’t put my sneakers on or wear sandals.  I would be so winded when I was walking and would still have the hardest time walking up my 3 flights of stairs. 

I’m thankful for all the changes!  I look forward to more changes and hopefully I will reach my “onederland” (weight in the 199’s or lower).  There has been so much physical improvement and I just can imagine what the next 6 months will be like.


4 thoughts on “5 Week Post-Op Update

  1. Sounds like you are doing great Lynn, be patient and determined you will be where you want before you realize.

  2. Sounds like you’re well on your way Lynn, great job! I’m glad to hear you like your trainer, that’s so important bc you end up spending lots of time with them. As for protein, I use My Fitness Pal app on my phone to track my food and see how many grams of protein I’ve gotten so far. There’s lots to adjust to but you’re doing well. We just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and doing our very best each day.

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