Celebrating 2 Months Post-Op

It’s amazing that it’s already 2 months since I had my surgery!  I had my Dr. Appointment and the great news is that I am cleared to eat “all” foods!!!  Plus, now I’m able to excercise my abs too!

My 2 month Dr. Appointment went very well.  She was happy with my weight loss.  I’m now at 206!  (This is a 5 lb weight loss from last week!)  A total weight loss of 36 lbs since Continue reading


No Room For Old Habits!

Having Weight Loss Surgery is the beginning of re-learning a new way of eating and choosing new healthy habits for life.   To be honest, for some it may be easy and for others it becomes difficult.

As a Weight Loss Surgery patient, I’ve been told that we should only be eating 3 times a day.  If we are still hungry, that is when we would reach for our Protein Shakes.  Remember, we need to take in 65 – 80 grams of protein daily!  Reaching this goal is not easy with a “pouch” the size of an egg.

What does Continue reading

Week 8 – I’m NOT Giving Up!

It’s exciting that 8 weeks has passed by since I had my surgery! Eight whole weeks and not only am I physically back to my normal activities…  but I have dropped over 2 pant sizes (I’m now a size 18) and went from a 2-3X top to an XL!!  (I’m out of the FAT section in the clothing store! – And, If you ever shopped in the FAT section it’s depressing.)  What an accomplishment!!  

I’m still having a little bit of a problem getting all Continue reading


Week 7 Update – Gastric By Pass

updateI’ve made it to week 7!  And I’m still doing well.

You will notice on my home page of my blog site that I decided to track my weight loss for the world to see.  Right before surgery I weighted 235 (this doesn’t include my highest weight) and have happily lost a total 23.1 lbs Continue reading

People Are Noticing My Weight Loss!

It feels great that people who recognize me, as well as friends and co-workers are actually noticing that I have lost weight!  I just can’t begin to tell you how wonderful of a feeling this is!  I love hearing these compliments!

We all know how hard I’ve been working on getting results.  I work out at the fitness club 6 days a week, I invested in a  Continue reading