People Are Noticing My Weight Loss!

It feels great that people who recognize me, as well as friends and co-workers are actually noticing that I have lost weight!  I just can’t begin to tell you how wonderful of a feeling this is!  I love hearing these compliments!

We all know how hard I’ve been working on getting results.  I work out at the fitness club 6 days a week, I invested in a personal trainer (1 day a week), I no longer eat sugar, carbonated drinks, almost no carbohydrates, no fatty foods, no fried foods, my dairy consists of skim milk or non-dairy creamer (in my coffee).  I’m very strict in what I consume.

I admit, I have wanted to eat “Clean Foods” for years upon years.  I have wanted to excercise and be motivated like I am now for years upon years, but it just never happened.  The best decision I made was having Gastric By-Pass Surgery!

A little story: 

cookies We had a little Baby Shower for a woman during work.  When I looked at the tables (yes, more than 2 tables)… FULL of food.  I noticed a table FULL of foods I can not eat anymore!  Sugary cookies, cakes, pastries, chips, and the list went on!  Before my surgery, I would have had a cookie or two!  What was the big deal, right?  But, now…  I looked at that table and I was able to walk right by.  I never was able to do that in the past!  I was so proud of myself.  The best part, was I never felt that I was missing out.  I felt great, felt strong, felt “healthy” for the first time in a very, very long time!

Having the surgery alone isn’t what is making me motivated…  but, my goodness…  It has given me a “new lease on my life!” How can I not be motivated?  This is an amazing “tool” which is really and truly helping me eating what I’m supposed to eat!  (High protein foods as a priority and to drink 64 oz of water a day.)  Yes!  This surgery has given me the motivation to continue to make healthy changes…like eating right and to excercise!!!

I’d love to hear your experience!