Week 8 – I’m NOT Giving Up!

It’s exciting that 8 weeks has passed by since I had my surgery! Eight whole weeks and not only am I physically back to my normal activities…  but I have dropped over 2 pant sizes (I’m now a size 18) and went from a 2-3X top to an XL!!  (I’m out of the FAT section in the clothing store! – And, If you ever shopped in the FAT section it’s depressing.)  What an accomplishment!!  

I’m still having a little bit of a problem getting all my protein in each day.  Goal is 65 – 80 grams of proten.  I’ve just starting counting this week on my fitness pal to see how close I’m getting.  (As you know, I’ve been having stomach problems with some of the protein shakes, which does reduce the protein intake we can get in on a daily basis.)


While all has been positive….   I’M FRUSTRATED WITH MY WEIGHT LOSS!!!   2 weeks in a row and I have lost LESS THAN 1 POUND each  week.  What gives?!?! 

Sometimes, I think that my surgeon didn’t do my surgery properly.  Why else would I be losing weight so extremely slow when I’m working my butt off in the gym 5 -6 days a week? Drinking my water…And trying to eat my protein!

I know that we aren’t supposed compare ourselves to other people.  I can’t help compare myself to one woman who had her surgery one day before my surgery date.  Her starting weight and my starting weight were just a few pounds from each other!  Our weight on our surgery days were also just a few pounds off from each other.  We had so much in common!!!   She is now celebrating her Onederland!  She weighted in at 197 lbs this week!  I’m at 211 (UGH!)

While I am so happy and excited for her…  how could I not question if I am doing something WRONG?  I’m still at 211!  I am 14 pounds heaveir than her!  She somehow lost 14 more pounds than I did.  My question is “HOW”.  What is she doing that I am not doing?  What is she eating?  That I’m not?  What’s her secret?  And, yes in this case it does leave me a bit frustrated and worried that I’m doing something wrong…  or….  something is wrong! 

I did have one day where I just felt “FAT” and that I would never get to my goal weight. I was in the dressing room trying on dress pants… and nothing fit.  You also know how unflattering dressing room mirrors are…   I just felt like “giving up”.  I just saw a BIG, BIG BODY!  Nothing seemed to fit.  It was so frustrating.

But, I’M NOT EVER GOING TO GIVE UP!  I had my moment to sulk…  and, I need to re-think if there is anything that I can do differently.  This surgery, this life, these new changes are all truly a life long learning experience.