No Room For Old Habits!

Having Weight Loss Surgery is the beginning of re-learning a new way of eating and choosing new healthy habits for life.   To be honest, for some it may be easy and for others it becomes difficult.

As a Weight Loss Surgery patient, I’ve been told that we should only be eating 3 times a day.  If we are still hungry, that is when we would reach for our Protein Shakes.  Remember, we need to take in 65 – 80 grams of protein daily!  Reaching this goal is not easy with a “pouch” the size of an egg.

What does this mean?  Protein is the premise of our meal, carbs are mostly eliminated from our diet, vegetables are secondary, etc.  I’ve found it’s sometimes hard to steer away from some of those “old habits”.  They sneak up when you’re not watching!   

I’ve made so many fantastic improvements, changes in diet and new nutritional habits.  Yet, I know how easy it is to grab that “Weight Watchers” meal loaf frozen dinner to bring for my lunch at work.  (This is a bad habit.)  Or, noticing and buying the “no sugar” ice cream in the Supermarket to enjoy (Bad Habit). 

Another bad habit I caught myself doing was eating crackers while watching tv!  Mindless eating!!!  (Big No-No!)  Let me explain!  I had crackers in the living room because my stomach was upset a few days past.  The crackers helped settled my stomach.  The bad part is…  I saw the crackers a few days later and while watching tv began nibbling each cracker down!  Thankfully, I noticed what I was doing and immediately put those crackers away! 

MY BIGGEST OBSTACLE!  I’m finding it very hard to come up with new and different healthy meal choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Where are all these recipes located?  I believe there is a lack of healthy recipes and healthy food choices, especially for anyone who has had Weight Loss Surgery!! 

Can you find recipes high in protein for anyone who had Weight Loss Surgery?  Where?  Please share!!!  I seem to find one great thing to eat… and, I will eat it over and over again until I can never eat it again.  We need diversity in our food choices, so we (or I) don’t fall into these old bad habits!

When I’ve found a recipe on Pinetrest or someone else’s blog – it usually calls for ingredients that are NOT sold in stores, difficult to find, are expensive ingredients and need to be purchased via internet.  This is crazy!  These ingredients are the type that you would need to search on Amazon to order! We need to simplify it!

C’mon people!  We can do better!  We need to work together!!!  I believe as a growing nation of people who want to lose weight, have had weight loss surgery and want to regain our health we seriously NEED good, delicious recipes that we can easily find to make our lives and meals more diverse!

If you have any recipes…  please let me know!  Post them to my web-site, send them to my e-mail so I may post them – or provide your web-site so I can link your posted recipe to my blog.  We seriously need to work together — or we will NOT succeed LONG TERM!  We will fall into old habits…  and, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR OLD BAD HABITS!

If I find any recipes that are easy to make, use ingredients you can find in the store, are delicious and/or can be shared with your family – I will be posting them on this site!  I’m hoping to post 1 recipe each week.  (Crossing my fingers.)

I’m looking forward to your comments…


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