Celebrating 2 Months Post-Op

It’s amazing that it’s already 2 months since I had my surgery!  I had my Dr. Appointment and the great news is that I am cleared to eat “all” foods!!!  Plus, now I’m able to excercise my abs too!

My 2 month Dr. Appointment went very well.  She was happy with my weight loss.  I’m now at 206!  (This is a 5 lb weight loss from last week!)  A total weight loss of 36 lbs since the day of my surgery.  (Surgery day I weighed in at 242.)

However, I did shared with her that I thought I was losing on the slow side, she took what I said very seriously and reviewed everything that I am doing – (e.g., what I am eating, how much I am eating, when I am eating, how much protein, how often I work out and what my workout consists of, etc.)  What we eventually found out is that I am not getting enough calories for a person who is working out 5-6 days a week.  My body may be in starvation mode!

I thought that to be interesting.  My pouch is the size of an egg and I’m always satisfied – never hungry.  Yet, my body may be in starvation mode.  Interesting.  Now, how do I increase the calories?  Another interesting step forward.

I’m so glad that I use “my fitness pal” app on my phone.  I was able to let my Dr. know that I do take in 60 grams of protein, but my calories are approximately 600 per day.  (And, believe me…  I eat!)  Since I excercise so often my goal is to get up to 1,000 calories per day of healthy foods.

There was something else that I learned!  I’m now able to eat Protein Bars!  I haven’t found many that I am able to eat.  Most protein bars are loaded with sugar or do not have enough protein!  This is my Doctor’s rule of thumb for a Protein Bar:  The calories have to be under 210, the protein 15 grams or above, the carbohydrates below 15 grams and SUGAR 7 grams or under.  The only protein bar that I found was “Pure Protein” the “Soft Baked Protein Bar” in Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch.   Do you know of any protein bars we can eat?

Overall, I’m really glad that I had gastric by-pass surgery.  It was the best thing that I have ever done for my body.  I’m getting healthier day by day.  I would never had been able to do all the things that I’m doing without this surgery.  It’s given me a new lease on life!  I’m not taking that for granted either! 

I’m excited to see where I will be the next month!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating 2 Months Post-Op

  1. Hi Lynn!

    Congratulations on the weight loss. Keep it up and before long you’ll be in One-derland before you know it. My surgery date is November 5th and I can’t hardly wait.

    • I’m so excited for your “Big Day”! Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing! November is right around the corner! Yeaaaa!

  2. Congratulations! I just had my surgery on 9/19/13, so am just shy of 2 weeks post-op. It was awesome to be able to have your archives to look back on, as you are just ahead of me on the timeline with surgery. I wish you continued success, and will be following you, in more ways than one!!!

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