Happy Dance – Week 14

As you can see from my title of this post, I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!  I hopped on the scale and I lost 4 more pounds (in a week).  I’m now weighing in at 192.8.  To be very honest, when I did go on the scale I expected to be back in the 200’s.  Like every other diet I had been on and off in the last decade – my “Onederland” was short-lived.  To find out that I actually lost 4 more pounds – reality began to set in!  I’m doing it!  I’m going to get to my goal weight!  I’m beginning to have faith!  I will!  I will!

At work, I’m called the “Health Nut”.  (I think I like that name!)  My department had a Halloween party with all types of foods and sweets that each person cooked and brought in.  In addition, every person in customer service received a mini pumpkin the week prior and each person was supposed to decorate the pumpkin.  One was a mouse, one was a witch, one was a clown, etc.  The winner received a $25 gift card to the Cheese Cake Factory. 

Why am I telling you this?  Ironically, yesterday was when people where really noticing and asking about the foods that I was eating and/or putting on my plate.  My plate had mostly all protein (something WLS patients focus on).  Someone baked a chicken – which was the most tender chicken I’ve ever eaten – and I definitely helped myself!!  Also, on my plate were 2 barbecue chicken wings, some cheese slices and just a tablespoon of spanish rice. 

Just about everyone had some kind of a question to ask me, especially since I didn’t have any of the sweets, (people couldn’t believe I could pass up all those sweets) plus I had almost no carbohydrates and thoroughly enjoyed what I had on my plate. 

I felt good to share how I lost 50+ pounds by no longer eating sugar, focused on high protein, low carbohydrates, low sodium, no soda (carbonation).  And, for the first time people were saying out loud how they have noticed how much I had lost.  How different I’m looking and how someone had to do a double take on me when I walked by.  (Personally, I’m glad I made the decision to have my surgery!  I without it, I would never had been able to sustain the will power to eat healthy and make the decisions that I do.)  As for the Cheesecake Factory Gift Certificate – a lot of my friends joked by saying it was a good thing I didn’t win.  Truth – If I did win; I would not use the Gift Card, but pass it on to my kids.  Little do they know how truly dedicated I am to reaching my goal weight.  This is not a temporary thing – it is MY way of life!

I’m going to share with everyone that last week I started a part-time job at Walmart in our new Super Center.  I won’t get into the job…  however, in the past I would not have been able to work 2 jobs – I had no energy or will power.  Not to mention the physical ability to stand, ring on the register and bag non-stop for 4 – 8 hours per day!  My back would have been in paralyzing pain.

Now, the only thing I’m missing is my working out at the gym.  I never thought that I would actually feel this way!  The days I can’t make it to the gym because of work – I actually miss it quite a lot!  There is some thing that happens at the gym, there is a peaceful like feeling when I’m on the treadmill for my 1 hour.  A “zen” like feeling that overcomes me.  The days I lift weights are the days that I leave the gym with a feeling of “victory.  I honestly, can’t believe I’m actually feeling this way!!  It’s great!  Maybe I am a Health Nut!