Life Style Change – Week 15

I’ll start with my weight progress……. 

Total Weight Loss as of 11/07/13 is:  60.2 lbs lost…. (from my highest weight).  It has been 15 weeks since my surgery.  I think I’m doing pretty good, although this week I didn’t lose any weight.  (sad face).

I’m excited to share a non-scale victory!  Last Christmas my daughter, “N” gave me a present with a pair of pajama bottoms (that I had on my wish list).  Not knowing what size I was, she purchased a X-Large.  I can’t begin to tell you how tight they were last year.  I could hardly get them past my hips!  Since I loved them, I put them in a draw and “hoped” I would fit into them one day.

Guess what?!?  I tried them on…  THEY FIT!  Not only do they fit, but if I don’t tie the satin pink drawstring they just may fall off!  How amazing is that?!  I don’t know who was more excited?  “N” for my finally able to wear the present she got me; or me for finally losing enough weight to actually wear them comfortably?!

This week I didn’t lose any weight.  I had to take a step back and re-evaluate.  I needed to think…  was it because of the lack of days working out?  was it because I have a part-time job and working 60+ hours a week…?  (changing my routing …and snacks during break-time)?  Is it just a normal stall?  Could it be that I didn’t get enough protein?  Did I eat carbs and lack of working out created a problem?  Or maybe I didn’t eat the foods I should be eating?  etc.

I’m not going to be disappointed in a ZERO weight loss this week.  I need to just figure out why.  I’m going to start using the “app” on my iphone called “myfitness pal” (again) and start tracking my calories, sodium, protein and what I’m actually eating.  I have 2 days off at my part-time job – so I can at least work out 2 days this coming week (and maybe squeeze in a 3rd day).

While it seems I have lost a lot of weight, I don’t “feel” like I have lost a lot.  I guess it’s a mental thing.  I still look in the mirror and see me as a fat person.  To me, I’m not skinny yet.  I do have 57 lbs to go to get to my goal weight of 135 lbs.  (Perfect for my height.)  I should be feeling like I’m getting thin…  I mean, I no longer shop in the “Big Women” section of the store and am finally pulling out old winter tops that I once wore (size Large).  Shouldn’t I be shouting from the roof tops at how much I lost already versus how many pounds I have to still lose?  Our minds really play tricks on us… 

Losing weight is not only a physical change, but a mental (brain/mind) change too.  I guess we get used to seeing ourselves a certain way for so long…  we can’t see the slow progression of weight loss.  I try to focus on the positive changes that have transpired in my life and my body, but it is not always easy.  The negative thinking from the past seems to sink in. 

I also would like to add that just because I’ve had gastric by-pass doesn’t make it easy to eat healthy.  There are so many times that I am in the grocery store and want to reach to purchase chocolate chip cookies, or the delicious bakery made apple pie.  (Even the sugar-free cookies are a bad choice.)  Pretzels and crackers are an enemy to me.  Processed foods a killer…  I have to try to stay away from them.  Just because I’ve had surgery and am required to stay away from sugar, carbohydrates, stay low on sodium, high on protein and drink 64+ oz of water a day – doesn’t make it simple.  This is a life-style change.  I’m on a life long journey and I need to continue with making the right choices and decisions each day.  And, it’s not always easy to do. I suppose I didn’t get fat from making the right choices, right? 

I’ve already had a few sips of Diet Coke (my addiction before my surgery) to see what will happen. It seems that my pouch can tolerate a few sips.  I try to stay away… but, the addiction is there…

I’d like to hear how you handle your situations?