Difficult Week – Week 16

This was a difficult 2 weeks in respect to my weight loss.  I only lost 1.6 lbs IN TWO WEEKS!  What’s up with that?

I’m glad to say that I went back to basics and cut out some of the BAD food that I was eating.  Yup, no more Hot Pretzels w/ salt during my 15 minute break at my part-time job.  I’m now eating either a 17 gram Protein Bar, Banana or a small chicken breast “wrap” (with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and balsamic vineger).  Good choices!

I also was drinking some Diet Coke during my break at my part-time job.  I have no idea whether that slows down my metabolism or not – but, I’m focusing on the unsweetened ice tea or plain ol’ water.  Another great step forward. (Smile)

Oh!  And no worries about Thanksgiving either!  I’ll be working the full day at my part-time job.  So I won’t have to worry about eating any of the wrong foods.  (I know sad really… but, I’m trying to stay positive.)

This week I’ve finally started to noticed that I am looking slimmer and have some curves (only took me 17 weeks for the weight loss to register in my brain)… and, wow does it make me anxious to keep losing weight to get to my goal of 135 lbs.  I don’t know if it’s normal or not… but, I get scared that I will fail my gastric by-pass.  What if I can’t lose any more weight?  Do you think like that?

Atlas!  My fat cloths have been taken out of my closet.  All those size 3XL, 2XL’s, 1XL and XL.  GOOD BYE!  I look at them and cringe at how big my body was.  How big I was!  I can’t wait to bring them all to the consignment shop!!!   I love that I am wearing my old cloths… my old size LARGE!   I feel great… and, hopefully in just a few months I will be in a MEDIUM!  Wow!!!

On a funny note…  I was in a hurry one morning to get to work (my full-time job) and I was going to put a pair of jeans on.  I spotted a clean pair folded in my laundry basket and put them on!  I laughed — they were SO HUGE!  They were SO HUGE AROUND MY WAIST and stomach that I could fit my daughter in them too!  It was really amazing.  I felt like I was someone in a commercial – Yet, so happy at my progress!  I guess I should start including pictures about now…  ya think?

If you read the page in my blog where I keep track weekly of my total loss this is what you will see.

Total Weight Loss as of 11/21/13 is:  61.6 lbs lost…. (from my highest weight prior to surgery)

11/21/13 – 191.2 Lost 1.6 – WEEK 17: 1.6 lbs – This was DIFFICULT!!! 

Have a great week!  I haven’t heard from some of you.  I hope to hear your comments!