Black Friday Craziness

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones!  This is the time of year where we think about those people in our lives that we are most thankful.  I’m both thankful and blessed by my 3 amazing children and my closest friend, Mitch.  I am very thankful for each one of these 4 people; my life would be empty without them.  Who are you thankful for?

How was my Thanksgiving!??  ha ha  Would you believe me if I told you? I spent the whole day at Walmart WORKING during the craziness!  My shift was from 2 pm through 11:30 p.m.  I am a cashier. 

Unfortunately, I did not share Thanksgiving with those whom I love the most.  Fortunately, my two daughters did come in to visit me – I loved that!  But, no turkey dinner for me.  boo  I just may have to cool up a turkey on a day off!

Walmart had started their Black Friday on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) at 4 p.m. (a special 1 hour sale) and again at 6 p.m. (another 1 hour sale).  At 2:30 p.m. the craziness began!  The store with jam-packed with people.  You could not move.  There were over 15 police officers stationed in pairs throughout our Super Center to keep the peace (to break up fights)…  all the employees staffed AND I mean ALL the employees (500 or more?), in addition to over 100 additional temporary employees hired to keep the crowds and lines moving. 

I never witness such organization and such “kayoz” (Craziness) at the same time!   Do you shop on “Black Friday”?  Did you get any good sales?

By the way, I did “hop” on the scale as I always do every Thursday to see my weight loss.  Good news and Bad. . . I did lose weight (good news!)…  However, I only lost only 1 tiny pound (bad news)!  I’m now 190 pounds…  Next week…  I’m looking forward to weighing at the 180’s…  Now, That’s exciting!  It’s been a LONG TIME since I’ve seen 180 on the scale!!! 

Yet, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!!  I only lose 1 tiny pound each week for several weeks now.  With the hours I work (70), my investing in gastric by-pass surgery, my healthy eating, and only being at 4 months post op…  I’d think I’d still be losing much more!  Ahhh!!!  Frustrating!!!!

If you’ve had Gastric By Pass  – I’d love to hear your feedback!!  Have you lost slow?  Had a stall?  What suggestions do you have?  What should I do different? 

People keep telling me “not to worry – at least you’re losing weight”.  Well, I do worry.  Am I doing something wrong?  Eating too much?  Can I eat too much?  Help….

In the next week or two I need to get my blood drawn.  I must have all my vitamin levels and whatever other things they test for in my blood to make sure I’m still in the healthy levels.  (I need to keep up on my vitamins….  )

Look forward to sharing next week!! 



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