Dr. Oz and Biggest Loser

  • Have you seen these shows? My daughter, Megan (14) and I watched Dr. Oz one afternoon (after I took the day off of work). It was a great episode. Dr. Oz talked about a Japanese Tea which has so many health benefits. The process to make this tea is incredible, and as such it is not sold in tea bags and is not “tea leaves”. What you have is an extremely fine green powder – most probably as fine as baby powder.

Both Megan and I were really tuned into the process of making this tea and we were especially amazed by all the benefits this Macha tea offers!!


  • Speeds up Metabolism
  • Reduce Cholesterol levels when drunk regularly
  • Reduce Mental Stress
  • High Level of Antioxidants

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January Challenges

I’ve had a lot of challenges this January. I have to figure out a way to reduce the hectic-ness in my life. I really don’t think that anyone can truly understand unless they are actually in my shoes and going through my day-to-day basis.

I  GAINED A WHOLE POUND!! Yes, I’m really disappointed, disguisted and mad at myself. However, when I reflect back and review my January Craziness… It’s not easy to keep a healthy “lifestyle” – and think healthy.

I’ve shared before… but, my working a full-time job which includes 40 hours a week. In addition to this 40 hour work schedule, my part-time job has been scheduling me another 32 – 39 hours. I’m honestly getting stressed, over whelmed and feel down. Continue reading