Dr. Oz and Biggest Loser

  • Have you seen these shows? My daughter, Megan (14) and I watched Dr. Oz one afternoon (after I took the day off of work). It was a great episode. Dr. Oz talked about a Japanese Tea which has so many health benefits. The process to make this tea is incredible, and as such it is not sold in tea bags and is not “tea leaves”. What you have is an extremely fine green powder – most probably as fine as baby powder.

Both Megan and I were really tuned into the process of making this tea and we were especially amazed by all the benefits this Macha tea offers!!


  • Speeds up Metabolism
  • Reduce Cholesterol levels when drunk regularly
  • Reduce Mental Stress
  • High Level of Antioxidants

(These are just some of the benefits!)

Matcha can now be found health food stores or specialty tea shops (like Teavannia).

In 2003, researchers from the University of Colorado found that the concentration of the antioxidant EGCG available from drinking matcha much greater than the amount of EGCG available from any other commercially available green teas. Matcha boosts your metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when it is drunk regularly.

The health benefits of matcha green tea can be attributed largely to the fact that the whole tea leaf is ingested, (as opposed to just the ‘bagged’ green teas). This means that it delivers a much higher potency of catechins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. Matcha contains several dozen times more antioxidants than blueberries, wolfberries, pomegranates, orange juice, spinach or dark chocolate.

There is evidence from clinical studies that suggests that theanine, when consumed by drinking Japanese green teas may help to reduce mental stress.


We ran over to Teavanna (a specialty tea store) to see if they carried Matcha Tea.  Guess what!?  They did!  We watched how they made Matcha.  They use a bowl, a wooden wisk and a small teaspoon of this very powdery tea and wisk this powder into a thick paste. 

We added our Matcha into another tea which was recommended by Teavannia to enjoy the taste.  And, wow…. was the taste delicious!  And, yes…  we purchased all of those items… and other teas, too!


The Biggest Loser

Megan and I do “dvr” this show and watch it whenever I have time to sit down and relax (versus going straight to bed).  Generally, I’ve never really watched this show as much as we have watched it this year. 

I am so impressed at how much and how often the Biggest Loser’s work out each day!  In the episode that we watched last night, they showed the “before” pictures and honestly “WOW”.  It was remarkable the difference that they are now.  Some of these contestants are at my weight right now.  These people have lost 65 – 105 lbs in 12 weeks.  Incredible!

Did you ever think if you could workout for 4 – 8 hours each day?  The personal trainers pushing you to your limit?  And, as a bonus learning about you and understanding the mental “thing” in your head that holds you back from your full potential. 

While I don’t think I could workout for that long… or be pushed that hard.  I would love the opportunity to be pushed for 2 – 3 hour duration on a daily basis.  I would love for someone to sit down and show me easy meal preparations of delicious foods with no carbs.  And, for someone to truly want to understand me (psychologically) … to ensure that I don’t fail.  And, bring to my attention the areas that are holding me back.

What do you think?