January Challenges

I’ve had a lot of challenges this January. I have to figure out a way to reduce the hectic-ness in my life. I really don’t think that anyone can truly understand unless they are actually in my shoes and going through my day-to-day basis.

I  GAINED A WHOLE POUND!! Yes, I’m really disappointed, disguisted and mad at myself. However, when I reflect back and review my January Craziness… It’s not easy to keep a healthy “lifestyle” – and think healthy.

I’ve shared before… but, my working a full-time job which includes 40 hours a week. In addition to this 40 hour work schedule, my part-time job has been scheduling me another 32 – 39 hours. I’m honestly getting stressed, over whelmed and feel down.

I feel down because I am not physically able to work out like I once was! It is so frustrating that there are literally hours in the day for me to get my body over to the gym. This overwhelms me and makes me feel down.

In addition, I have 2 daughters that live at home who don’t have a mom. My 14-year-old is constantly on her own from the time that she gets out of school until 11:30 pm – and on the weekends when I should be enjoying time with my family…. I go to work with guilt knowing that I am leaving her at home – alone. No place to go, no friends to hang out with — and not even I can be around to enjoy the time that we “had” together.  I feel like a bad mom, too!!! 

I get frustrated and let down because the house is a mess! With working all these hours there is no time in the day for me to straighten up. Can you believe we still have our Christmas Tree up?

At this point in my “weight loss surgery life” I feel that I am FAILING! I am not always eating the foods that I should be. When at my part-time job I grab what I can to satisfy my hunger. Hot Pretzels. Bad, Bad, Bad. (This is how I gained my pound!)

Some how, some way I have to change my situation. Whether I find another full-time position with better financial opportunity. Or I suffer financially without a part-time job.

We all know that the first 6 months is when the weight comes off – but, we have to do all the things that are required. This includes eating properly and WORKING OUT!

This is the year of changes, and I pray that the changes do take place pretty soon! (Employment immediately)

I feel that I am always typing about the same information. If I am rambling about the same thing – I apologize. However, these situations are weighing heavily on me – and jeopardizing my weight loss (thus my health).

What challenges are you faced with? How have you overcome them?