New Year – A New Me!

2014 is certainly a New Year. A year which, I promised myself that I would make major positive changes in my life. And, quite honestly changes are happening!  I can finally see the changes. 

To date I have lost 80.8 lbs. 

skinny (That’s me in SKINNY JEANS!!!!)

Can you believe EIGHTY POUNDS LOST FOREVER!?  I’m proud that I have 44 lbs. left to reach my goal weight of 128.  I’m positive that I will reach my goal by July 25, 2014 as long as I keep up with my high protein, no sugar and low carb way of living.  On average this is 2 lbs. per week.

These changes include improving my health, fitness, confidence, mind, self, finances, (am I missing anything?) and to hopefully have a love life, too.  Yes… EVERYTHING! (Did I miss anything?)   And, to date I like to think that I am beginning to succeed with some of my goals – 🙂

Personally,  I don’t remember the last time I set a goal along with a date? 

I’m making positive changes – and if you think that you aren’t able to.  Please STOP!  YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES!  I did!  Took me many years, but I did…  I’m doing it… and, you can too.  Let’s help each other…  let’s motivate each other!  

(By the way… PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU CAN OR CAN NOT SEE THE PICTURE BELOW…  I understand my computer is having difficulties with adding pictures.)



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    • Thank you so much… with supporters like you – it makes “us” accountable and successful with our goals! Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

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