Size 10 – Feeling Great!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, as I have been making many changes to my life (as I vowed I would – see previous posts).

I’ve shared that 2014 would be the Year of the “New Year – New Lynn”. As such, I have currently reduced my weight from the original 257 lbs to 156.6 lbs – achieving this in only 8 months! A total loss of 101 lbs.  Losing weight has taken a lot of discipline regarding what I can and can not eat.  No Sugar – No  Carbs, consume/eat 95 grams to 110 grams of Protein daily and drink 64 oz of water daily.  To be honest, sometimes water is a problem.  I start of my day with a 32 oz cup of brewed Ice Tea.  The 2nd cup is difficult.  Sometimes I’m just tired of the “same ol’ protein foods or protein shakes”.  It isn’t as easy as people may think. 

Same thing goes for working out.  I love working out.  Somehow I really got addicted to the feeling I get when I’m working my body.  It’s time to myself and I feel great after!  However, there are days or weeks when it is impossible to make it to the gym.  And, recently I injured my left knee which resulted in wearing a brace.  I definately can’t work out the knee injured – or I’d make things worse. 

Another change in my life has been starting a “NEW JOB”!!!  I’m looking at this opportunity as a new career.   I’ve been fortunate enough to be hired by a great “Cable” company as an Inside Sales Executive. I have gone through training to learn the systems to process the sales and place orders plus set up appointments for installation, plus learning the products.  I am now currently on the phones and will be earning commission beginning the 21st of May.  

Since this position is commission based, my goal is to make a better living for myself and kids. We had been struggling paycheck to paycheck with my previous jobs.

And, by the way… it feels great to come into work as a size 10 and wearing cloths that I feel good in.  I enjoy shopping for nice cloths and looking good!  It’s a great feeling. (It’s been forever since I’ve felt this way!) I remember shopping in the extra-large Women’s section wearing size 20 (fat people) pants and 3XXX shirts. Nothing ever looked nice.

I’ve started dating.  It’s a good feeling to feel good about myself in cloths, feel more confident and go out to meet someone.  Now, I have not found anyone that particularly interests me. Seems that at my age there are more losers out there than “gentlemen with manners”.  Some say I may be picky. The truth is that I’m not looking for a perfect body (I know what that feels like not to have one.)  I also find that I am sensitive to men who write on their profiles that they only are interested in “thin and fit” women.  But, why is it so hard to find a man with manners?  A gentleman?  Who knows how to “court a woman”?  And, most of all supports my health and fitness goals. 

Until next week,