About Me

Hi!  My name is Lynn!  lynnpix

I’m a humble single mother of 3 amazing kids. I have a son who is 23 and two daughters 20 and 15.

Please join me as I blog about my weight loss surgery journey (and my life afterwards).  It was not an easy decicion to make to under go gastric-by-pass surgery.  I had seriously thought about it for 3 years before I decided to seriously make this big decision.  It wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly.  (Note:  On July 23rd of 2013 I had the surgery.) 

Personally, I knew that this was my only chance to live a long and healthy life. (Read more below).  I had laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric By-pass Surgery on July 25th, 2013!  This is my very personal journey  addressing my weight issues, what I am going through, my struggles, my triumph and how I’m going to take charge of my life again and hopefully make the changes that need to be made.  (And, now a year later…  share my crazy life after a successful surgery and weight loss!)

Morbid obesity is difficult to talk about, (people can’t understand!!)  and was difficult to live my life being a morbidly obese person (read my first post about how I hate being fat!).  Obesity is not only a growing problem, but #1 KILLER within the USA.

More about me…. 

I’ve been a single mom for over 15 years and counting.  Being a mom is such a wonderful and fulfilling experience. When I’m not with my kids, I enjoy playing on the internet with social media. (I do more now!)  Overall, spending time with my children when they have time for me (ha ha)… it’s what I love most.  But, I’ve learned since they are growing up… I need to develop my “own life and my own hobbies and mostly to learn to “like me”.  Part of this is the reason why I need to get healthy!

Briefly, most of my life I had always been skinny (thin – under 127 lbs).   I loved being thin. I loved everything that comes with thin! 

However, sometime after having all 3 amazing children, went through a difficult a divorce, a crazy x-husband, financial crisis as a single mother, overcoming severe depression, family complications, life and whatever else…  over the last 12-15 years of that journey, I began gaining weight – losing weight and gaining, gaining…

I got to my highest weight ever…  259 lbs on a small frame

I’ve tried every diet that you could think of along the way… and, I could probably share some crazy diets with you!  I’ve had Dr. supervised diets, Weight Watchers and, well… you name it.  I would lose some weight and then… regain and regain more back! 

When I finally decided to have Weight Loss Surgery, I didn’t want anyone to know. Maybe I was embarrassed, or didn’t want to face the uneducated criticism. (Read post here) 

Then with the health complications that come along with being overweight, of which I truly almost lost my life (May 2013).  I was in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for 10 days!!  Believe me…that experience truly confirmed that I absolutely, definitely without a doubt made the right decision!  I’m was proud to be taking control of my life.  

I hope you read, share and comment on my articles… Please subscribe to this blog… or even send me an e-mail to let me know your story.  I believe we need to be a supportive force to each other!
Be Proud & Be Sexy,

Lynn 🙂


updated:  8/09/14


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lynn I wish you great success with this. I have a Brother In-Law who has the Gastric Band and with it he has been able to successfully manage his weight with it over the last ten years. I also have a Cousin who has gastric bypass a couple of years ago with great results, she now lives an active and Happy life. She has also devoted herself to helping others with weight problems.
    Mike McAleer

    • Thank you Mike! It’s great to hear about other people who (know people) who are suceeding with weight loss surgery. I feel that supporting each other on any decisions that we make regarding our weight (and health) are so important. Again, keep sharing!


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