5 Month Update

Taken Dec 25, 2013

Taken Dec 25, 2013

  This is “me” today!  I’m weighing 179 lbs as of 12/25/13.  I’ve lost 78 lbs since my surgery! (Who would have ever imagined?!)  My goal is to be 130 healthy lbs.  I have 49 lbs to go!! (And, yes… time to change my hair!! A new me!!)

July 25 2013 Before Surgery

July 25 2013 Before Surgery

This is my “before” picture.  I was actually 242 lbs in this picture (just days before my surgery).  I knew that I was “big” – but now looking at this picture – I never realized just how big and bloated I looked. 

I knew that having this surgery was very important for my health. But, my goodness…  I look at this picture and …  wow! 

 If you’ve been a faithful reader of my blog – you are aware that my health was so very bad.  When you’re really big… you know it’s not good.  However, you never fully understand the extent of how bad it is.  When I had  had pneumonia – I was minutes from losing my life. (And, I was already in the year long process of obtaining weight loss surgery. – Thank God I had the surgery!)

I celebrated my 5 months post-op on December 25, 2013. How coincidental is that?

Not only did I have the very bestest Christmas with my family!! But, I thought to myself how fortunate I was to have been able to have bariatric surgery on July 25, 2013. A healthier life is what I was given!


Happy Dance – Week 14

As you can see from my title of this post, I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!  I hopped on the scale and I lost 4 more pounds (in a week).  I’m now weighing in at 192.8.  To be very honest, when I did go on the scale I expected to be back in the 200’s.  Like every other diet I had been on and off in the last decade – my “Onederland” was short-lived.  To find out that I actually lost 4 more pounds – reality began to set in!  I’m doing it!  I’m going to get to my goal weight!  I’m beginning to have faith!  I will!  I will!

At work, I’m called the “Health Nut”.  (I think I like that name!)  My department had a Continue reading

Slider Foods

I recently read an article about “Slider Foods” that Weight Loss Surgery patients need to stay away from.  I have to be honest, I’ve heard different definitions of what a slider food are.  However, I will summarize this article, as I found it fascinating!  (Let me know what you think.)

For most people eating sliders is a good thing (not healthy but o.k. to eat).  For example, Continue reading

Surgery Is Improving My Life

It’s true!  Gastric By-pass Surgery is actually making a physical difference in my life. The surgery has given me a new lease on my life, and this is only the beginning of my journey.  I’m doing things physically that I would not have been able to do a month ago, a year ago or longer. lynnkdis

 While I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am a little frustrated that I haven’t lost more than the 20 lbs since my surgery.  I honestly have to admit that over the last few weeks I have noticed impressive and substantial changes in my life.  I thank God for these changes.  I’m actually amazed!  I didn’t realize how quickly these changes would occur!  I lived what seemed a life time in pain. I’m now able to walk without pain in my joints or back, my back is no longer always in excruciating pain (whether sitting or walking), I can walk up my 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment without stopping at each level for a rest, my asthma has improved dramatically, I’m able to physically “work out” (which I didn’t think was possible) and other changes too!  This is a really BIG DEAL!  I’m so thankful that I had this surgery!  I can only imagine what my future holds!

Last Thursday, Continue reading


Ouch! My Pouch!

Initially, I have to say… “TODAY I’M BACK TO WORK!!!” It feels great to be back to work. (Now, I can focus on my posts during my lunch time and breaks! ha ha ha ha) I also have to say, that I was disappointed that no one even noticed that I lost weight! I’m a size smaller… and, not one word. And, you wonder why I’m “Paranoid” about my slow weight loss. Read my post here.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I no longer have a stomach. (See post about Gastric by-pass surgery.) My stomach was detached during my surgery. Now all I have is… a “pouch”. The pouch is approximately the size of an egg. Imagine for a moment the amount of food that could fit inside of an “egg”?

With all of that said, I’ve been having some difficulties when Continue reading


Obsessed or Paranoid? 3 Week Surg-a-versary

Yesterday was my official 3 week surg-a-versary! Can you imagine…  it was only 3 weeks ago that I was on the operating table getting my gastric by-pass surgery? While it is such a short time ago; it feels like almost forever.

At 3 weeks I can “officially” eat “soft foods”. Now, it isn’t as bad as it sounds!  Since, I’m focusing on the proteins here are a few examples… ground chicken or ground turkey or luncheon meats from the deli (turkey, chicken, roast beef and cheese) all sliced very thin and must be low salt. I can live with this!  I actually feel like I’m eating “real food” again!  There is the normal (or typical) soft foods too… e.g., yogurt, eggs, etc.

I’m very lucky! My “pouch” (I don’t have a stomach anymore.  It’s kind of weird to say “pouch”) is Continue reading

Support Groups for Weight Loss Surgery


OK, my “bariatric” friends…  I’d love to hear your feed back. 

Do you have a Weight Loss Support Group in your area that you attend?  If so, how many people are in attendance?  How often do they meet?  Continue reading