Atkins – Good or Garbage?


Have you seen the “New!” Atkins frozen dinners that are becoming very popular?  I did, and it caught my attention because of the 23 grams of Protein, the “no sugar added” and low carbs.  (This is what I’ve been following for my weight loss success.)  Of course, I definitely bought a few!  This is a great product – right?  Or, is it garbage? Continue reading


New Year – A New Me!

2014 is certainly a New Year. A year which, I promised myself that I would make major positive changes in my life. And, quite honestly changes are happening!  I can finally see the changes. 

To date I have lost 80.8 lbs. 

skinny (That’s me in SKINNY JEANS!!!!)

Can you believe EIGHTY POUNDS LOST FOREVER!?  I’m proud that I have 44 lbs. left to reach my goal weight of 128.  I’m positive that I will reach my goal by July 25, 2014 as long as I keep up with my high protein, no sugar and low carb way of living.  On average this is 2 lbs. per week.

These changes include Continue reading

Difficult Week – Week 16

This was a difficult 2 weeks in respect to my weight loss.  I only lost 1.6 lbs IN TWO WEEKS!  What’s up with that?

I’m glad to say that I went back to basics and cut out some of the BAD food that I was eating.  Yup, no more Hot Pretzels w/ salt during my 15 minute break at my part-time job.  I’m now eating either a 17 gram Protein Continue reading


Post Op ~ Days After Gastric Bypass Surgery

I woke up and the day started out great! My support team would show up later as they Mitch, Megan and Nikki all needed to get some sleep from the day/night before. The pain medication which the nurse keeps injecting into my IV was keeping me comfortable. I was able to get up and walk around. I was a little sore in a few spots, but nothing really to complain about. I was surprised that the pain wasn’t that bad at all.  I know, I have pain medication.  Yet, I’m able to move around…  get in and out of bed…  walk around the floor!  Yea!

I can’t drink anything until after my gastric test.  The odd thing, I was not missing drinking any liquids, as long as I had my ice chips.  The ice chips in the cup meant the world to me.  I was fine. I thought the day would be easy…  I thought the rest of the day would consist of my being very tired, in some pain and the awkward pain when Continue reading


Today Gastic Bypass Surgery

On July 25th at 6:30 a.m. my 2 daughters and I arrived at The Hartford Hospital for my gastric bypass surgery. What I had planned out in my mind… you know, the “mental preparation”… was to have both my daughters in the “prep room” with me. They both have different personalities and together I thought it would make the 2 hours preparing before surgery go quickly and with the least amount of stress possible. Was I wrong!

My stress level was good when we showed up on the prep floor. (Yes, we actually show up on a floor where they prep all of their patients for surgery!) …  Anyway, we were told that only 1 person could be by my side. ONLY ONE! Were they crazy? Didn’t they know Continue reading


Only 2 Day Until Surgery!

Can you believe I started this journey 8 months ago?  In only 2 days I will be on the operating table!  Just 2 days.  My whole life will change. Everything I eat will have consequences… and some pretty serious immediate consequences.  It won’t be like before.  Just this Thursday I’ll be given a “new life”.  

We all know I’ve already been through my “Anxiety Breakdown“, which was the day “reality set in”.  I’m having no problem surviving the 7 day liquid diet although Continue reading


It’s “Just” Weight Loss Surgery!

Have you ever heard… “It’s just weight loss surgery!?JUST?! Seriously?!?! JUST?!   How did I feel?

Hell, I’m not getting a tooth filled, or a few stitches… I’m getting a SERIOUS medical procedure! This is S-U-R-G-E-R-Y!  My goodness, people WAKE UP!  Maybe, what I should really say is…  “My goodness, people do some research, if you care about that person!”

Let me apologize in advance, this post may a little long (and yes personal). Yet, I firmly believe this post may be helpful to anyone who is thinking about Weight Loss Surgery (WLS), getting WLS and especially to those who are supporting a friend or Continue reading