No Room For Old Habits!

Having Weight Loss Surgery is the beginning of re-learning a new way of eating and choosing new healthy habits for life.   To be honest, for some it may be easy and for others it becomes difficult.

As a Weight Loss Surgery patient, I’ve been told that we should only be eating 3 times a day.  If we are still hungry, that is when we would reach for our Protein Shakes.  Remember, we need to take in 65 – 80 grams of protein daily!  Reaching this goal is not easy with a “pouch” the size of an egg.

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2 Weeks Post Op – And 32 lbs Lost

Can you believe it’s been 2 weeks since my gastric bypass surgery? Plus, I’ve lost a total of 32 lbs. I’m down a whole shirt size and my pants are very loose! Actually, it’s hard to believe it’s real.

At this point, I’m feeling o.k. I have some days were I am going good, other days where I just can’t drink or eat, other days where my very limited “soft food” diet is not sitting well (e.g., throw up), and others where I am so very weak that I truly feel that I will faint. Those very weak days I’m either sleeping or if I’m able to get up – will not go on my daily walk. (Yes, I take a daily walk! It’s not much, but more than I ever did.)

I was told at my 2 week check-up that these feelings are all normal. And, will go away once my new stomach heals more… Then, I hope to be able to take in 60-80 grams of protein every day! I sure hope this happens sooner than later.

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Protein – Bariatric Approved

There is a variety of drinks to get protein into our daily diet.  Anyone with bariatric surgery knows how important it is to get at least 60 – 70% of protein daily.  Protein shakes become a way of our life.

Here is a list which is recommended by the “Center for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery”, Hartford Hospital, Yale Hospital and Continue reading


Body By Vi – “What Happened?”

“What happened with Body By Vi? Since I have publically announced my decision to have weight loss surgery, I have been questioned about a product called “Body By Vi“. It appears that there are both the curious people who want to know and those people who enjoy hearing about personal failure. I’m writing this to give everyone my answer about “What Happened?”

bbv1Body By Vi is a nutritional shake for every day healthy nutrition and/or weight loss management. I accidently found this product 3 years ago (and a good thing). Let me explain! 3 years ago I had some medical and blood tests done, some of which resulted in finding out I was deficient in some vitamins, minerals and even protein. The doctor gave me a list of exactly Continue reading