Atkins – Good or Garbage?


Have you seen the “New!” Atkins frozen dinners that are becoming very popular?  I did, and it caught my attention because of the 23 grams of Protein, the “no sugar added” and low carbs.  (This is what I’ve been following for my weight loss success.)  Of course, I definitely bought a few!  This is a great product – right?  Or, is it garbage? Continue reading


Today Gastic Bypass Surgery

On July 25th at 6:30 a.m. my 2 daughters and I arrived at The Hartford Hospital for my gastric bypass surgery. What I had planned out in my mind… you know, the “mental preparation”… was to have both my daughters in the “prep room” with me. They both have different personalities and together I thought it would make the 2 hours preparing before surgery go quickly and with the least amount of stress possible. Was I wrong!

My stress level was good when we showed up on the prep floor. (Yes, we actually show up on a floor where they prep all of their patients for surgery!) …  Anyway, we were told that only 1 person could be by my side. ONLY ONE! Were they crazy? Didn’t they know Continue reading